I.T. (Movie) Reflection

The IT 2016 is a movie starring Pierce Brendan Brosnan as Michael “Mike” Regan  a self-made aviation tycoon who lives in a state-of-art smart home full of modern technologies with his wife, Anna Friel as Rose, and their 17-year-old daughter, Stefanie Scott as Kaitlyn.  Mike is developing an app called “Omni Jet” which is designed to fly at a higher altitude and will be effective upon the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). At the company, during his big business video presentation it happened that his presentation goes wrong, it looks like corrupted enough for his investors to murmur and give them some hesitation to invest because that presentation is very important for him to get some investors for his developing app the “Omni Jet”. But thanks to this “IT guy” who immediately work on it and fix the problem and he got his investors in success.

After that incident Mike invited James Frecheville as Ed Porter who is the “IT guy’ to come to his smart home to fix his slow wifi connection which his daughter complains is slow. And the time Porter get in to Mike’s home, Mike Regan problem started. Porter was abused during his childhood by his mother causing him to have a mental disorder, and his sickness triggered, he became obsessed with Mike Regan’s family. His mental disorder triggered when Kaitlyn invited Porter to their house because she’s bored because his Mike and Rose was having a family friend’s get together and by the time Porter arrived he felt humiliated because Mike who opens the door for him didn’t allow him to enter because its exclusively and only for family friend’s and he’s not one of it. Porter felt devastated, so then he begins to remotely access all the private sectors including Mike’s house that he monitored them unknowingly through the security cameras and devices all over the house, Porter takes full control of the house, which leaves the family terrified. But fortunately, the movie ended nicely and they live at ease thanks to the braveness and eagerness of Mike to save his family from this Psycho IT guy, who is really a creep.

The movie was really terrifying, somehow can make you paranoid because knowing that our technology keeps on innovating and of course the person who studied, specializes, and a pro on it can be good or abusive like Ed Porter. Nowadays, especially if you’re a well positioned guy in the society and your field is in technology you must really pick well the person your hiring,  who’ll be trusted because they knew a lot, they knew a lot than can make your life in danger and miserable like what happen to Mike Regan life and also treat your worker properly, don’t treat them like any other guy because always remember what will gonna happen to you if they are not around, what if you are during your presentation with your clients and a trouble happen, some tech problems, what will you do without them? Take what happened to Mike Regan’s life as a guide and a lesson. And other way around, if you knew so well about technologies, don’t take this as a weapon to others, don’t take advantages who’s not well learned like you. Use your knowledge in a right way, don’t make things that are insignificant, don’t waste your knowledge on things that are unnecessary.

Whoever you are, whatever your role in the society treat people well and use your learnings in a right way. We are in a modern generation, innovations are keep on progressing especially talking about technologies. Excuses that you didn’t know was a lame excuse already because all of us today are using technology already, everyday. We must know at least the basic so that we will not act stupidly for what might happen to us. People are not the same, people can be good and bad, we must not easily trust people nowadays we must know them well especially when we are putting people in our company, they can be a virus, and that virus can ruined what you build, work on, and you exerted effort just to grow, and that’s your company. Will you allow that to happen? So, be knowledgeable, be a vigilant and pick people you trust on.


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