My 10 Rules for Success

1.) Be yourself

 Be yourself, no matter what they say. As long as you know what who are and what you can basically do. Be yourself, show them what you got while your feet is still on the ground. As possible, don’t be your bad side. Things will turn upside down, people around you might also change their treat on you. Just be happy who you are and what you are capable of. Your unique, your special and you love yourself.

2.) Have a goal, make it big

 Live life with dream, do just settle for cool go for long lasting success. Achieve that goal and make it big. Great succession comes from greatest dream. Love your dream, live your goal and make it your life.

3.) Accept failures

 Just accept failure, it just a life’s challenge. Don’t just loose hope, make an inspiration to do more. It is just like learning from experience.

4.) Nevermind the people who brings you down

 They are just the people just jealous of you, if they can’t go ahead of you all they can do is to drag you down. Just be positive, for this they can’t move you, rule you and stop you.

5.) Get down, stand up

 Don’t let yourself being down with instances and pressure, yet deal this as a challenge to gain more self-reputation. Don’t just easily give up.

6.) Respect others decision

 Hear and respect others decision, may be good and bad. It’s their decision, it is so important in terms of work, you should respect boss’ decision.

7.) Expand your learning

 Learning is for a life time, don’t just be stagnant. Learn new things and develop more innovative. Keeping track on whatever trends.

8.) Be a model

 Be a good model for younger generation, for they will be your next foot when you end is about to came in this world.

9.) Be competitive

 The world is full of competition, you’re not the only one who’s doing the same thing. Just give all your special skills and ability to compete.

10.) Give heart in every decision

 Give love in every decision you make, have a positive outlook and be inspired. Purity gives good decision and good decision produce the best outcome.


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