Innovation (School)

School – book e

“Is your son/daughter studying in a public school? Is he/she just share a book with a friend? If you’re a parent who’s budget is enough to afford an android phone, help your child have a copy of his/her book using the book e app. The app has all the books your child is using.”

I observed this problem with my younger sister who is just sharing a book with her classmate, the case is their school is lacking of books, so she needs to adjust because she is just only studying in a public school. She and her classmate divide the book to bring at home, her classmate brings the math, science and English while my sister have the Filipino and hekasi. It is not fair, when she have an assignment with math, she don’t have a notes to follow.

So it comes the idea of “Book e”, this is an app where every book a child needs have a soft copy. As long as you can afford an android device, you can have this app. The Concept is basically, the child already have a copy of the book for assignment and study use with the guidance of the parents, of course at school they still use the book for them not to abuse the phone (children’s logic use the phone to play or text not to use as a book). But of course, it is the parents’ liability on how they use the app.

Surely a teacher should know about this app because they are the one giving a copy to a parent. The process is, the teacher has the app including all the books the school offered, they just give a copy through Bluetooth.

The app is stand alone, you don’t need to download any third party to use it, all the shared book reference is automatically registered to the “Book E” app.

Help your child in his/her need, every child needs a parents’ guidance. It’s not an issue that your child is just studying in a public school, the issue is how you, a parent handle your child/ren.


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