Innovation (Malls)

Mall – smart CCTV

“Many bad incident inside the mall? Can chase or even identify the criminal? Be smart, upgrade you closed-circuit television to a better smart CCTV. This is very helpful identifying and finding the criminal mind with the use of auto detect system of the camera, it will automatically identify who’s that criminal mind is.”

Many strange incident occur inside the mall, the bombing inside the cinema of 2 big malls here in Davao City. There’s many CCTV inside can recognized who’s that man is.

So the “smart CCTV’ idea is built, this hardware truly help the law offers capture the criminal. This hardware has an auto detect system like Facebook. It will automatically identify whoever is captured at the CCTV.

The mall should also have a register scanner and a register camera at the guard area, so in the checking area the costumers of the mall will be scanned and face captured by the camera. Then this information is connected to law officers to identify who’s that person is.

How it work?

At the guard area the costumer SHOULD face the camera and be scanned, of course there should be a guard to take over, before being checked. Then on the back end, there’s a team that connect every picture to law officers , the scanned information is checked manually. If all things done, all information is register to the smart CCTV where that hardware can now identify whoever is captured, whether their faces are visible or covered with anything, smart CCTV still identify because of the scanned information.

It is necessary to buy new CCTV?

No, it’s just an upgrade.

Safeness and security is the most important role of a mall for their valued customers.


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