Innovation (Hotel)

Hotel – room-to-go

“Not familiar in the city? Finding a place to stay for the late night? Room-to-go can help you solve problem. This is an app where you can find a hotel that fits your needs, whether you need a simple room or maybe on a deluxe.”

This app can help people, who’s not familiar in the city he/she maybe assigned for a business things to find a suited place to stay.

“Room-to-go” is an app where people like business man should have because they’re assigned in different places and some places they were assigned, they are not familiar. For example, a Cebuano business man was assigned here in Davao City that is no knowledge of different places in the city and need to rest for the next day. Using the app, that particular business can find a suited place to stay. With his/her car, or maybe grab a taxi he/she can easily go to his/her selected hotel and worry free because of the app’s gps.

The app is basically needs an android device and an internet connection. The app’s user interface is easy to use. There’s a search engine where you can find whether the nearest and affordable hotel, maybe nearest and luxury hotel, or whatever you demand the app will surely help you. After searching for your demanded room (hotel) you can see room’s price and room’s screenshots.

You, a user of the app don’t need to worry, the app has a global positioning system where you have the map on the hotel of your choice.

The app also notify you whether the hotel is full or not, so that you would not waste your time go in there.

Using this app, you a visitor of a City will be worry free.


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