Innovation (Fast Food)

Fast-food – Chat2Order

“Took so long to deliver your Food? Feel so hungry? Well worry no more, introducing this app chat2order. This app help you to order in your favorite fast-food branch via online, order your food where ever you are and come to your favorite fast-food branch just ready to eat your food then good to go.”

Building this idea comes from many experiences and knowledge from friends and family. Falling in a long line and so hungry, what every costumers’ uncomfortably feels. Every fast-food need be more fast, what hungry costumers demand. Foods took so long to deliver and you a costumers is hungry already. It much more irritating if your order is more delayed because of any instances.

So to overcome this issues, I created the idea “chat2order” app. This app can be used only for android phone users. The app has a user-friendly interface, for easy to use purposes. It help costumer to order via online. You as a costumer user of the app just come to your favorite fast-food eat your order and good to go. This app help can busy people, for example if you’re at a mall, shopping. Suddenly your feel hunger, you can use the app to order your food, after your shopping you just go there and eat. Another example is, if you’re having a meet up with someone for maybe a dinner, you can use the app to order food while you’re on your way.

Thinking how it work? How to use? And/or How to pay?

How it work?

This app can be connected into any fast-food branch, the app have a list of their foods and prices, the app also introduce what’s their hot in the list.

(Your android device should connect to a wifi or using a data connection to use the app.)

How to use?

The app has a user-friendly interface, it is easy to use. Just login your account (for acknowledgement and security) then choose your favorite fast-food branches, scan their food menu, choose and order. You can receive notification if your food is ready to serve.

How to pay?

The app can be connected to any banking company, so the user should also have bank account for payment. Your bank account can only be charged if you’re already at the fast-food. Of course you receive a notification.


What if you change your order?

Well it’s the managements’ rule whether they allow the change of order or not. If it is allowable then you can change it as long as you didn’t arrived in (app rule).

What if you arrived on the fast-food yet your order is not ready?

You as a user also consider the waiting time maybe a maximum of 10 minutes, but if you wait beyond time allotted and arrived at the fast-food already then bear in mind that you ordered in a fast-food chain, so it is impossible that your food is not ready.

What if you don’t want to change your mind and refuse the order, what will happen?

It doesn’t matter, you’re not the only costumer having the same order so it will fall in to good hands.

What if you don’t have a bank account?

Bank account is for acknowledgement and security purposes, now if you don’t have a bank account many dumb people will just make trip of the app and the fast-food chain.

What if you’re already at the fast-food chain and you want an additional order?

Just call a waiter and order.

Using this app can make your eating at a fast-food more convenient and sufficient. For now it is just an idea and so to be a useful application.


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