I.T. (Movie) Reflection

The IT 2016 is a movie starring Pierce Brendan Brosnan as Michael “Mike” Regan  a self-made aviation tycoon who lives in a state-of-art smart home full of modern technologies with his wife, Anna Friel as Rose, and their 17-year-old daughter, Stefanie Scott as Kaitlyn.  Mike is developing an app called “Omni Jet” which is designed to fly at a higher altitude and will be effective upon the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). At the company, during his big business video presentation it happened that his presentation goes wrong, it looks like corrupted enough for his investors to murmur and give them some hesitation to invest because that presentation is very important for him to get some investors for his developing app the “Omni Jet”. But thanks to this “IT guy” who immediately work on it and fix the problem and he got his investors in success.

After that incident Mike invited James Frecheville as Ed Porter who is the “IT guy’ to come to his smart home to fix his slow wifi connection which his daughter complains is slow. And the time Porter get in to Mike’s home, Mike Regan problem started. Porter was abused during his childhood by his mother causing him to have a mental disorder, and his sickness triggered, he became obsessed with Mike Regan’s family. His mental disorder triggered when Kaitlyn invited Porter to their house because she’s bored because his Mike and Rose was having a family friend’s get together and by the time Porter arrived he felt humiliated because Mike who opens the door for him didn’t allow him to enter because its exclusively and only for family friend’s and he’s not one of it. Porter felt devastated, so then he begins to remotely access all the private sectors including Mike’s house that he monitored them unknowingly through the security cameras and devices all over the house, Porter takes full control of the house, which leaves the family terrified. But fortunately, the movie ended nicely and they live at ease thanks to the braveness and eagerness of Mike to save his family from this Psycho IT guy, who is really a creep.

The movie was really terrifying, somehow can make you paranoid because knowing that our technology keeps on innovating and of course the person who studied, specializes, and a pro on it can be good or abusive like Ed Porter. Nowadays, especially if you’re a well positioned guy in the society and your field is in technology you must really pick well the person your hiring,  who’ll be trusted because they knew a lot, they knew a lot than can make your life in danger and miserable like what happen to Mike Regan life and also treat your worker properly, don’t treat them like any other guy because always remember what will gonna happen to you if they are not around, what if you are during your presentation with your clients and a trouble happen, some tech problems, what will you do without them? Take what happened to Mike Regan’s life as a guide and a lesson. And other way around, if you knew so well about technologies, don’t take this as a weapon to others, don’t take advantages who’s not well learned like you. Use your knowledge in a right way, don’t make things that are insignificant, don’t waste your knowledge on things that are unnecessary.

Whoever you are, whatever your role in the society treat people well and use your learnings in a right way. We are in a modern generation, innovations are keep on progressing especially talking about technologies. Excuses that you didn’t know was a lame excuse already because all of us today are using technology already, everyday. We must know at least the basic so that we will not act stupidly for what might happen to us. People are not the same, people can be good and bad, we must not easily trust people nowadays we must know them well especially when we are putting people in our company, they can be a virus, and that virus can ruined what you build, work on, and you exerted effort just to grow, and that’s your company. Will you allow that to happen? So, be knowledgeable, be a vigilant and pick people you trust on.



1.What are the salient features of the law?

  • System Interference — The intentional alteration or reckless hindering or interference with the functioning of a computer or computer network by inputting, transmitting, damaging, deleting, deteriorating, altering or suppressing computer data or program, electronic document, or electronic data message, without right or authority, including the introduction or transmission of viruses.
  • Cyber-squatting – The acquisition of a domain name over the internet in bad faith to profit, mislead, destroy reputation, and deprive others from registering the same
  • Computer-related Fraud — The unauthorized input, alteration, or deletion of computer data or program or interference in the functioning of a computer system, causing damage thereby with fraudulent intent
  • Cybersex — The willful engagement, maintenance, control, or operation, directly or indirectly, of any lascivious exhibition of sexual organs or sexual activity, with the aid of a computer system, for favor or consideration.


2.Why is the law controversial?

The Philippines Supreme Court has suspended a controversial new cybercrime law that critics say infringes on free speech. The court issued a temporary restraining order, keeping the law from taking effect until it can review whether certain provisions limit civil liberties.

3.If given the chance to repel the law, what would you change or propose in order for it to be more acceptable in the society?

  • For me, cybercrime law would be acceptable in the society if we refer to the experience of the netizens , such as posting false informations, bullying and/or spitting foul words that cause to a worst situation.






info graph cybercrime law


Jasper Neil O. Diego

BSIT – 4


1.What are the salient features of Republic Act No. 8792? 

In 1999, the Philippines Y2K Law was the first law crafted and deliberated online by the private sector.

Republic Act 8792, was signed into law last June 14, 2000. It is a landmark legislation in the history of the Philippines. Not only has this bill made the country a legitimate player in the global marketplace. The Philippine Internet community has played a major role in pushing for its passage. The law took effect last June 19, 2000.

With the Philippines relaxed stock market listing rules plus a proposed vibrant investment priorities program in place, Filipinos here and abroad, and its foreign partners, have something to look forward for.

Here are the salient features of Republic Act 8792:

  •  It gives legal recognition of electronic data messages, electronic documents, and electronic signatures. (section 6 to 13)
  •  Allows the formation of contracts in electronic form. (section 16)
  •  Makes banking transactions done through ATM switching networks absolute once consummated. (section 16)
  •  Parties are given the right to choose the type and level of security methods that suit their needs. (section 24)
  •  Provides the mandate for the electronic implementation of transport documents to facilitate carriage of goods. This includes documents such as, but not limited to, multi-modal, airport, road, rail, inland waterway, courier, post receipts, transport documents issued by freight forwarders, marine/ocean bill of lading, non-negotiable seaway bill, charter party bill of lading. (section 25 and 26)
  •  Mandates the government to have the capability to do e-commerce within 2 years or before June 19, 2002. (section 27)
  •  Mandates RPWeb to be implemented. RPWeb is a strategy that intends to connect all government offices to the Internet and provide universal access to the general public. The Department of Transportation and Communications, National Telecommunications Commission, and National Computer Center will come up with policies and rules that shall lead to substantial reduction of costs of telecommunication and Internet facilities to ensure the implementation of RPWeb. (section 28)
  •  Made cable, broadcast, and wireless physical infrastructure within the activity of telecommunications. (section 28)
  •  Empowers the Department of Trade and Industry to supervise the development of e-commerce in the country. It can also come up with policies and regulations, when needed, to facilitate the growth of e-commerce. (section 29)
  •  Provided guidelines as to when a service provider can be liable. (section 30)
  •  Authorities and parties with the legal right can only gain access to electronic documents, electronic data messages, and electronic signatures. For confidentiality purposes, it shall not share or convey to any other person. (section 31 and 32)


2. Can you link some provisions of the law to your past experiences as an IT student? 

During my college years, I’ve encountered some of these acts, a cite for this are  programs/movies from torrent sites or even a cracked software (for a full version).

Minor FTS Journal

Seminar Overview


This is the last part of our field trip, our minor trip. And it is held at Sutherland Global Services. Our trip is also an IT related company visit where we had our assembly, video streaming of their history, goals and different achievement. Also they introduce some IT experts from their IT/Technical Department where we got some question and answer portion. Then we got a site tour and a merienda afterwards.


December 10,2016


Today, I went on a seminar to Sutherland Global Services. In the seminar, the speaker introduces to us what Sutherland is, what a BPO company is and what is does. They also introduce their GTI Engineers who’s job is on the network and server side. On how they handle security on network and database. And also how and what factor they consider in handling server down. And they share that they have 15 engineers and they handle 1:130 employees. And lastly they introduce to us their different departments: the recruitment team where they handle overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs within their organization. The training team where they handle the newly recruited employee. The HR is the company department charged with finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants, as well as administering employee-benefit programs. The admin, provides both clerical and administrative support to professionals, either as part of a team or individually. The role plays a vital part in the administration and smooth-running of businesses throughout industry.



What I learned?


I’ve learned that Sutherland Global Services was established in 1986, Sutherland Global Services is a global BPO and technology-enabled services company offering an integrated set of back-office and customer facing front-office services that support the entire customer lifecycle. It is one of the largest, independent BPO companies in the world serving marquee clients in major industry verticals. I’ve also learned what BPO is, it is a third party call service. It is different from company in-house call centers. The main advantage of any BPO is the way in which it helps increase a company’s flexibility.



What I liked?


I liked the information the speaker shared to us, as well as their IT Experts. BPO industry gives better opportunity to everyone so that’s one factor to be liked with this seminar.



What I didn’t like?


It’s not that i didn’t like, it’s just that i felt sorry for those who didn’t able to come, well better to those who came late though they still able to join and catch up. To those unfortunate ones who didn’t able to come, you know the opportunity they missed and to experience the trip was quite knowledgeable and influential.



Major FTS Journal


October 24-28, 2016

Seminar Overview

It was a great experience to have a trip like this, going to Manila. First time in a plane, seeing the great places in Manila and having fun while learning. But it was a tough experience too before we have that memorable field trip. Of course we have to pay for that but most of all my classmates are still lacking of funds to pay, especially me. I’ve just downed 1.5k and 20k+ is so far to be full and my mother is so stressed minding where to find some money, time is running out and the stated date of travel is so near. Luckily a good friend lend some money for me to able to be fully paid. After that worse scenario the day has come, feeling excited and grateful. Being with my friends visiting some IT-related companies/organizations. Every visit there’s a new ideas and knowledge registered. As we visit DOST-STII, Ideaspace, MMDA, Y4IT, UP Diliman, Nokia Company and Advance World Solution. The thoughts of being a web developer, or a software engineer, or a technopreneur. Well these ideas are not new to me but visiting Manila is an eye-opener for me that being an IT is a great opportunity. Many IT-related companies/organizations to open to be part of. But of course I need to specify my field of expertise. Traveling Manila, some matter need to consider, knowing Manila is not my territorial place and some people are dangerous to deal with, I need to be vigilant and safe. I need to stick with the group or else I will get lose. On the other hand, I just enjoy the trip. After some IT visits, we have a break time to stroll some places, as we go to SM Bicutan, SM MoA, Divisoria, Tagaytay and Enchated Kingdom. As our days are about to end, we have our stay in Kabayan Hotel where we, my friends, have a room for five. A relieving place to stay with. It was a great experience having a field trip in Manila, hoping that we could stay there longer.







Day 1


Today, I went on a seminar to DOST-STII, STII is the information, communication, and marketing arm of the Department of Science and Technology – Philippines. They deliver timely, relevant, and quality S&T information to help make our people appreciate the fact that local technology works.. After a plane ride, we waited our bus in NAIA terminal 3, im so excited at the same time hungry. When the bus arrived, we have our first trip which is McDonalds’ for a lunch. Unfortunately, McDonalds’ seats were full at that time so we have our lunch inside the bus. After lunch we have our company visit which is DOST in Bicutan. On our way to DOST, seeing Metro Manila a big place yet polluted and overpopulated, unlike Davao City. Arriving DOST, it was exciting, thinking on what would DOST will share for us. We visited there Science and Technology Information Institute where they share about their project NOAH, Project NOAH’s (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) mission is to undertake disaster science research and development, advance the use of cutting edge technologies and recommend innovative information services in government’s disaster prevention and mitigation efforts. Though the use of science and technology and in partnership with the academe and other stakeholders, the DOST through Program NOAH is taking a multi-disciplinary approach in developing systems, tools, and other technologies that could be operationalized by government to help prevent and mitigate disasters. They also introduce their Starbooks, Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosks. A standalone information kiosk, hence without internet you can access Starbooks. It is a book of Science and Technology information gathered from all over the world. It aims to Create interest in the field of Science and Technology which may increase the number of Filipinos enrolling in S&T courses, Encourage great and curious minds to develop new ideas, inventions and innovation, and Inspire one’s capacity for entrepreneurship and research. Starbooks is a great source of information for a Thesis. After that seminar in DOST- STII, we have some pictures then leave. We leave early so we have a time for a stroll, we went to SM Bicutan and have a trip there for an hour or two. Then we had our dinner in a Chinese cuisine where I ate a lot of siomai. And lastly we had our stay in Kabayan Hotel.

What I learned?

I’ve learned a lot about DOST-STII’s Project NOAH. Project NOAH is the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) response to the call of President Benigno S. Aquino III for more accurate, integrated, and responsive disaster prevention and mitigation system, especially in high-risk areas throughout the Philippines. The Project will harness technologies and management services for disaster risk reduction activities offered by the DOST through PAGASA, PHIVOLCS, and the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI). The project has a component of, strategic communication, Enhanced Geohazzard Mapping and more calamity-based system. I’ve also learned about Starbooks, Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosks. A standalone information kiosk, hence without internet you can access Starbooks. It is a book of Science and Technology information gathered from all over the world. It aims to Create interest in the field of Science and Technology which may increase the number of Filipinos enrolling in S&T courses, Encourage great and curious minds to develop new ideas, inventions and innovation, and Inspire one’s capacity for entrepreneurship and research. Starbooks is a great source of information for a Thesis.

What I liked?

I liked my first day of the trip, it’s a life changing actually after a day in Manila, you need to adopt the environment and the society to deal with. I liked the knowledge and information gathered from DOST—STII. I liked the stroll inside SM Bicutan, although it is just like the NCCC Mall here in Davao but I like the trip. I liked seeing some overpassed within a overpass, and the MRTs/LRTs. What I’ve liked the most is our dinner in a Chinese Cuisine where a lot of Chinese foods were served.

What I didn’t like?

I didn’t like seeing Manila as a crowded place, seeing people who prefers to walk than to ride a jeepney because of a heavy traffic. At some time, I didn’t like to chat with anyone, I rather sight-seeing the places. I hate the places’ overpopulated and populated where you can see trashes and smoking people around. It’s just not like how Davao City’s people and place.


Day 2


Today, I went on a seminar to Ideaspace(morning) and MMDA(afternoon). In Ideaspace, their office is minimal so we need to be divide in two batches. We in bus two was the second batch, while waiting for our turn, me and my friends went to 7-11 for a food, having some pictures outside Ideaspace and some chat. Inside Ideaspace, the speaker shared about They are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting innovation, technology development, and entrepreneurship as a path to nation building. They help budding technology entrepreneurs and develop ground breaking innovations and transform these into successful businesses. They believe that technopreneurship entrepreneurial ventures involving high technology is important and critical factor to the progress of the Philippine economy as a whole.  Thus, their program goes beyond just providing funding for startups. They offer a program that combines incubation & acceleration needed at the critical phases when ideas are being turned into actual commercial products. After that seminar in Ideaspace, we have some pictures then leave. We leave early so we have a time for a stroll, we went to Glorietta and have a trip there for an hour. And have our lunch Apag Marangle, a Pamapanguena Cuisine. After taking our lunch, we head to MMDA Traffic Engineering Department where they grant us to see their actual footage of the traffic in Metro Manila. After that seminar in MMDA, we have some pictures then leave. We leave early so we have a time for a stroll, we went to SM Moa and have a trip there. Have our dinner in Giligan Restaurant then back to Kabayan Hotel.

What I learned?

I’ve learned a lot from Ideaspace as well as in MMDA. I’ve learned in ideaspace that a Technopreneur is the person who destroys the existing economic order by introducing, new products and services, by creating new forms of organizations and by exploiting new raw materials. It is someone who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it.

In MMDA, I’ve learned that the role of the MMDA is to assists the political units in crafting and implementing and integrated development plan characterized by unity purpose, innovation, sustainability and creativity in meeting the challenges in transport decongestion, climate changes, waste management and disaster prevention among others, in order to achieve a decent quality of life in Metro Manila. I’ve also learned about they used Hermes System for their technologies. Their cctvs has detectors for vehicle’s lanes occupancy time to calculate speed. Their tactical detectors per lane for traffic light action control. Their cameras are optical zoom, seeing a plate number or the person inside a vehicle. Thet state also some common problems like their network that cause to lose of monitoring.

What I liked?

I liked the knowledge and information gathered from Ideaspace where it encourages everyone to explore Technopreneurship. As well as in MMDA, where how their technologies capable to do. I liked the stroll in Glorietta, it’s just like the Abreeza Mall here in Davao, a not crowded mall. The stroll in SM MoA where we just walked around and around and have a rest in their baywalk where we have to see the sunset and have some pictures. I’ve also liked our lunch in a Pampanguena Restaurant were I ate a lot of chicaron and drink bottomless iced tea and a dinner in Giligan, beside SM MoA baywalk. Although it’s not eat all you can, im still full after eating there.

What I didn’t like?

What I didn’t liked when we wait for our turn in Ideaspace, waiting outside is so hot and the construction beside is so disturbing. I didn’t also liked was when in MMDA, one of our classmates wore shorts. I feel pity for him, at the same time don’t care for him, it’s his fault then because we are oriented to wear formal attire.



Day 3


Today, I went on a seminar to Y4IT in UP Diliman, we have a whole seminar around UP Diliman and UP Techno Center where in the morning we have our Y4IT seminar in UP’s UPITDC(UP Information Technology Development Center). Have a lunch inside the bus. And in the afternoon in Nokia Company and UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall. And a picture taking in Oblation Statue. Took our dinner in Tramway then a stroll in Tutuban,Divisoria.

What I learned?

I’ve learned a lot in these day, very hectic yet so informative. The first thing I learned is that a simple bug you notice in Facebook or any site can result to earning money. It was presented to us by a White Hacker. The speaker earned 8000 dollars for that bug noticed. The next speaker taught us about Cyber security which is another trend in this generation. He taught us of what tools to use and antivirus to install to prevent our computers from hackers. They site some security issues, common a  Hacking attack, Breaking into computer systems for malicious intent is nothing new. Since the early eighties skilled computer enthusiasts, or hackers, have used their knowledge to break into systems with no redeeming intent. However with the advent of web based applications, the sophistication of hacking attacks has dramatically increased while the amount of skill required to carry out these attacks has proportionately lessened. Malicious hackers nowadays can make use of a number of tools that help them automate their attack. Using scanning tools the attacker is able to perform the first step of their attack, enumeration. In this phase information is gathered regarding the intended target. With specific tools, the attacker can scan multiple computers, routers, servers, and web sites at once looking for specific information that will help them easily attack the machine. Add to this the ability for the attacker to conduct the enumeration process with an army of zombie computers and the number of vulnerable systems that they can identify rises exponentially depending upon the size of the botnet they control. Next is Increasing vulnerability, In computer security, a vulnerability is a weakness which allows an attacker to reduce a system’s information assurance. Vulnerability is the intersection of three elements: a system susceptibility or flaw, attacker access to the flaw, and attacker capability to exploit the flaw. To exploit a vulnerability, an attacker must have at least one applicable tool or technique that can connect to a system weakness. In this frame, vulnerability is also known as the attack surface. Lastly the black hat hackers, A black hat hacker is an individual with extensive computer knowledge whose purpose is to breach or bypass internet securityBlack hat hackers are also known as crackers or dark-side hackers. The general view is that, while hackers build things, crackers break things. They are computer security hackers that break into computers and networks or also create computer viruses. The term “black hat” comes from old westerns where the bad guys usually wore black hats and the good guys wore white ones.

After our merienda, a next speaker pitches. He’s a game developer, he used unity software and make a game in a given time. After lunch, we head to Nokia Company where they shared about Nokia’s expertise, back then, Nokia is a leading cellular phone brand. Now, Nokia is a solution provider for telecoms. They explained how they test their signal using their machine that can adopt different whether. And we also had a trip inside their server room. And lastly a trip inside their UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall where we have a trip inside their different departments.

What I liked?

I liked the informations and knowledges I’ve gathered from visiting these seminars. It pushed me to explore hacking, game development and becoming a software engineer.  I liked the trip around UP, it really a big University. I’ve also liked the trip in Divisoria where I bought some things to wear.

What I didn’t like?

I didn’t like after eating our dinner in Tramway, I’ve got a stomach ache due to my abnormal eating. I hate walking around Divisoria having this problem.




Day 4


Today, I went on a seminar to Advance World Solution where the speaker is Maam Maui’s classmate during college. Advance World Solution is a Outsourcing company, AWS Group of companies is a leading offshore IT outsourcing services provider specializing in software development and testing services, with operations based in Japan, Philippines and China. Then we’re on our trip to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom.

What I learned?

AWS is considered the most successful Philippine-based offshore IT Outsourcing provider to Japanese technology companies. They are consistent in delivering top-notch IT services to major industries with proven technical strengths and flexible service models. They offer onsite, offshore, and nearshore development depending on how best to meet the client’s global sourcing needs. They established a multi-location, multi-lingual & cultural collaboration framework that allows us to deliver end-to-end IT services & solutions.

I learned a lot by visiting their outsourcing company and also they conducted seminars that are also very helpful. AWS open my eyes that in a world that changes before your eyes, businesses thrive by adopting technological breakthroughs, intelligent business strategy, and consistent quality delivery. Staying competitive is fundamental. I learned a lot from them, as well as they inspire me a lot.

What I liked?

What I liked mostly the trip to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom because it’s the last day of the trip and for me it’s the highlight of our field trip. I’ve enjoy the atmosphere in Tagaytay, the wind and the place. And also Enchanted Kingdom, I love the rides although in our 2hours trip we’ve got 3 rides, but it’s all worth it.

What I didn’t like?

I didn’t like the first half of this day, I still have a stomach ache and a head ache, I’ve feel unwell and don’t want to eat. I just pushed myself not to act  miserable thus I ate my breakfast and just sleep in the bus, during lunch time, I’m still sick and I need to use to toilet, sadly I didn’t ate my lunch. During in Tagaytay I feel fine but my foolishness drove me crazy, I’ve been separated from my friends and go along with the bus one folks. When in Enchanted Kingdom, I’ve used the toilet first, after then I’ve enjoined every ride like my illness has gone.

Day 5


Today, we’re about to bound Davao. It’s the day we need to say goodbye Manila. It’s a very memorable event of my life.  Yet it needs to end. It’s a safe trip for us as we arrived Davao and it feels good to ride on a plane. And souvenirs are ready for my family and friends.

What I learned?

From my 5 day trip in Manila, I’ve learned to work as a team, responsible and a good listener to the speakers in each seminar we’ve visited. I’ve also learned to adopt different environment as what Davao City is not like as Metro Manila.

What I liked?

I liked the excitement I felt, the jetlag, the trips’ hangover and most of all the smell of home. It’s a one of a kind college experience.

What I didn’t like?

I didn’t like the time that one of our classmate left the Hotel, separated to us and go to Baguio by himself without any permission or even just leave with a proper letter or a notice. It’s just that, he act very disrespectful and also worst happened whatever happen to him, you know he’s really a big concern to carry. I don’t have really lots of dislikes during our way going back to Davao.

Reflection ( July 06, 2015 )

Last July 6, 2015. We supposed to do our first pitching, well since no one have the idea of pitching presentation, our facilitator allow us to do/make a PowerPoint presentation of our innovative ideas. The fastfood, mall, hotel and school. Honestly, I’ve just finished polishing my ideas couple of hours before our 8am class starts. To share my innovative ideas, for the fastfood restaurants, I call my idea chat2order. Building this idea comes from many experiences and knowledge from friends and family. Falling in a long line and so hungry, what every costumers’ uncomfortably feels. Every fast-food need be more fast, what hungry costumers demand. Foods took so long to deliver and you a costumers is hungry already. It much more irritating if your order is more delayed because of any instances. So to overcome this issues, I created the idea “chat2order” app. This app can be used only for android phone users. The app has a user-friendly interface, for easy to use purposes. It help costumer to order via online. You as a costumer user of the app just come to your favorite fast-food eat your order and good to go. This app help can busy people, for example if you’re at a mall, shopping. Suddenly your feel hunger, you can use the app to order your food, after your shopping you just go there and eat. Another example is, if you’re having a meet up with someone for maybe a dinner, you can use the app to order food while you’re on your way. I’ve shared this idea with my classmate, just to have an idea if this idea fits to be my pitching pieces, but because I was struggled answering her questions, I just make new one. Not disregarding my other idea but I’m just confident of that idea, yet I can’t defend it. Next is my innovative idea for mall, the smart-CCTV, an innovated closed-circuit television that have a database that uses augmented reality that knows who’s that particular person captured by the camera. This idea lacks of conclusion, hence I’m not satisfy to share it. Next is for hotel’s idea, the “Room-to-go” is an app where people like business man should have because they’re assigned in different places and some places they were assigned, they are not familiar. For example, a Cebuano business man was assigned here in Davao City that is no knowledge of different places in the city and need to rest for the next day. Using the app, that particular business can find a suited place to stay. With his/her car, or maybe grab a taxi he/she can easily go to his/her selected hotel and worry free because of the app’s gps. The app is basically needs an android device and an internet connection. The app’s user interface is easy to use. There’s a search engine where you can find whether the nearest and affordable hotel, maybe nearest and luxury hotel, or whatever you demand the app will surely help you. After searching for your demanded room (hotel) you can see room’s price and room’s screenshots. In this idea, I am certain that this is so generic and not so confident with it. Lastly for the school, an app called “Book-e”, I observed this problem with my younger sister who is just sharing a book with her classmate, the case is their school is lacking of books, so she needs to adjust because she is just only studying in a public school. She and her classmate divide the book to bring at home, her classmate brings the math, science and English while my sister have the Filipino and hekasi. It is not fair, when she have an assignment with math, she don’t have a notes to follow. So it comes the idea of “Book e”, this is an app where every book a child needs have a soft copy. As long as you can afford an android device, you can have this app. The Concept is basically, the child already have a copy of the book for assignment and study use with the guidance of the parents, of course at school they still use the book for them not to abuse the phone (children’s logic use the phone to play or text not to use as a book). But of course, it is the parents’ liability on how they use the app. Surely a teacher should know about this app because they are the one giving a copy to a parent. The process is, the teacher has the app including all the books the school offered, they just give a copy through Bluetooth. For this idea, I feel I can’t defend it properly.

Well, back to the meeting. Our facilitator give us a few minutes to make a presentation from our hard copy to a PowerPoint presentation. Observing that how many minutes pass and still no one had ever finished so he just stopped us on what we are doing and start a lesson. Well the lesson starts with a 3 groups of pictures with 2 pictures each group. The column shows a picture of no vacancy and a full slot of employee. Our facilitator explains to us that it’s so hard to find job nowadays, even professional or top graduate students can’t easily find job here in the Philippines because of full employee of a company, and we should learn to make our job than to find a job. But of course, you can’t easily have a one shot jackpot, we should have to dig before to achieve. Next set of pictures is about pleasing personality, a what we call ugly and pig, well we consider it true because the first picture shows an ugly personality of a person who’s just don’t mind his/her hygiene and face to be more pleasing, it is just more an interpretation of an awakening that dealing a job application or job interview, we should be pleasing in a way that the person who we talk to love our aura, I would just want to give a sample, I’ve just come to a company for a job interview, observing that I’m just neat that their employee, I mean they just have a curly or messy or whatever hair they have while me just have a neat haircut, not underestimating that company but comparing the pleasing personality, I just shut my mouth. But of course, in terms of production and the ability of their employee I can say they’re good, but of course there are still good looking and pretty. In the second picture, that I’ve just said a pig, well that picture shows a person who’s lazy and unproductive. A not good image of a model for the next generation. The last set of picture shows about a rally, I think. Not so sure but, this shows what our economy dealing with, a group of fierce people who are demanding something for their right, fight for what they should deserve.

For the next slides, I’m not sure what goes first, so I share what I’ve learned randomly. So now I will discuss about HELF which is stands for Human Resources, Environment, Laws and Policies and Financial Resources. HELF is a key towards successful technopreneurship.

To breakdown the components of HELF, to start H, Human resource, is about the people needed for your business to work. This is a very important aspect for a successful business. A business needs the right people that could contribute a lot to the company. Human resource is about establishing a group of talented people who are vital for the benefits of the business. Human resources are the thinker of the company. Human resources are the researchers, Social researchers plan, and design and manage social research projects. They use a variety of computer software packages to collect, analyze and organize information and data, which they then present to others, either in a written report or oral presentation. A variety of methods, such as interviews, questionnaires and focus groups, are used to investigate the views of population samples on specific issues. Research officers and managers work with team members to identify project goals, research methods, variables, and other test parameters. They also choose how to collect data and offer recommendations on evaluating the project. Research officers and managers often make research schedules to monitor the activities of research teams. During the research project, officers and managers usually review gathered research and analyze various sets of data. They may also interpret data and start writing reports. Many research officers and managers also verify that information on databases remains secure, as well as ensure that all team members complete their tasks and work cooperatively with the team. Human resources are the idea generator, Innovation involves more than just great ideas. We need faith, hard work and a laser sharp focus for the end result to keep persisting for our vision in the face of roadblocks. We tend to see the end result of a creative idea in awe, but what we don’t see are the actions, hard work and persistence behind the scene to make the vision a reality. Under the spell of inhibition, we feel limited and stuck. We need to free ourselves from these mind-created constraints by removing assumptions and restrictions. This is what we refer to when we say “think outside the box”. Encourage ourselves to be open to new ideas and solutions without setting limiting beliefs. Remember, innovation is more about psychology than intellect. I believe that part of the reason why we create self-imposed inhibition is due to our fear of failure. Expect that some ideas will fail in the process of learning. Build prototypes often, test them out on people, gather feedback, and make incremental changes. Rather than treating the mistakes as failures, think of them as experiments. “Experiment is the expected failure to deliberately learn something.” (Scott Berkun). Instead of punishing yourself for the failures, accept them, then take your newfound knowledge and put it towards finding the best solution. Live up to your goal of producing the best result, but understand you might hit roadblocks along the way. Our environment can and does affect how we feel. The more relaxed and calm we are internally, the more receptive we are to tap into our flowing creativity. This is why ideas sometimes come to us in the shower or while we’re alone. Each of us has different triggers to access our creative energy. I get into the ‘creative zone’ from sitting at my dining table, with a warm cup of chai, and my noise-canceling headphones. Many great thinkers go on long walks to help them solve problems. Experiment and find what works for you. Human resources are the innovator, Understand why traditional and familiar business models are no longer reliable in today’s business context. Master new approaches to thinking about innovation. To craft better strategy in the face of great uncertainty. Acquire conceptual frameworks to make your innovation and strategic thinking more effective. Identify partners who will be influential in creating the future you will be competing in. Employ prototyping as a way of taking bigger chances without incurring bigger risk. Hone your personal idea hunting skills. Develop leadership insights for dealing with great uncertainty. Maximize the talent contributions of those around you. Launch a coherent and innovative proposal in your current work environment. Next is E, Environment, it is very important for a technopreneur to know the environment of the business we choose. For IT field, the environment revolves around the modern technology that focuses more on software, networking and of course, innovation. So it is very important to us to be updated about the technology because this is the field we IT undergo. By knowing your environment it would be easy to solve problems or crisis that may arise. From further research, the elements of Environmental Components consists of science parts that involves the initial presentation of a product and viewing of the products; it also includes the incubation centers, the academic institutions, research and development centers, internet access, communication and other support services, and of geographic accessibility or the location. One good example of the environment component are the incubation hubs. Incubation hub are programs that provide incubation services to assist technology start-ups in their vulnerable stages, enabling them to grow and flourish. It supports office space and facilities, technical and management assistance, promotion and development assistance, business support and financial aid package. The third one is L means Laws and Policies, in a business it is necessary to have laws and policies for your employees to be discipline, without this individuals will not be to function properly if they can do whatever they want .Thus having Laws and Policies will gives peace and order in a business. Laws and Policies also compose of Intellectual Property rights, Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the protection of creations of the mind, which have both a moral and a commercial value. IP law typically grants the author of an intellectual creation exclusive rights for exploiting and benefiting from their creation. However, these rights, also called monopoly right of exploitation, are limited in scope, duration and geographical extent. IP protection is intended to stimulate the creativity of the human mind for the benefit of all by ensuring that the advantages derived from exploiting a creation benefit the creator. This will encourage creative activity and allow investors in research and development a fair return on their investment. IP confers on individuals, enterprises or other entities the right to exclude others from the use of their creations. Consequently, intellectual property rights (IPRs) may have a direct and substantial impact on industry and trade as the owner of an IPR may – through the enforcement of such a right – prevent the manufacture, use or sale of a product which incorporates the IPR. For this reason control over the intangible asset (IPR) connotes control of the product and markets. IP protection encourages the publication, distribution and disclosure of the creation to the public, rather than keeping it secret while at the same time encouraging commercial enterprises to select creative works for exploitation. Intellectual property legal titles relates to the acquisition and use of a range of rights covering different type of creations. These may be industrial or literary and artistic. Technology Licensing Office, Technology licensing only occurs when one of the parties owns valuable intangible assets, known as Intellectual Property (IP). Technology licensing occurs in the context of a business relationship in which other agreements are often important. Technology licensing negotiations, like all negotiations, have sides (parties) whose interests are different, but must coincide in some ways. Technology licensing involves reaching agreement on a complex set of terms. Legal Services are the services involving legal or law related matters like issue of legal opinion, filing, pleading and defending of law suits etc. by a lawyer or attorney practicing law related services. Lastly the F, Financial, allows the business to develop another opportunities, employ workers which is needed for your business to run, by the proper use of your finance is the key for your business to be successful. Of course, a business should have an Investor, A Financial Services, Business sectors, Funding Agencies.

Next to discuss is the SEED or Self-Mastery, Environment Mastery, Enterprise Mastery and Development of Business Plan. Starting a venture is only the beginning of an exciting journey, a journey that will take you from the conceptualization of an idea all the way to running a successful enterprise. This journey will not be easy. It will require a lot of effort. You have to determine the type of business to run, strategic visioning, building a viable business model, bringing in co-founders and other talent to work on various aspects of the business such as client acquisition, channel partnership formation, access to markets and positioning the business so that you can achieve competitive advantage. All these tasks can be daunting especially if you are a single founder trying to start your venture.

Our facilitator also cite about the difference of technopreneur from entrepreneur. To discuss, first Technological Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in a technology, a process of merging technology process and entrepreneurial talents and skills. By the way, who is technopreneur? A person who destroy the existing economic order (creative destruction) by introducing new products and services, by creating new forms of organizations and by exploiting new raw materials. Someone who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it. Person who undertake risks ( by creating an enterprise or business) that has a chance of profit or success technopreneurship distinguishes themselves through their ability to accumulate and manage knowledge as well as their ability to mobilize resources to achieve a specified business or social goal. A bold, imaginative, deviator from established business methods who constantly seeks the opportunity to commercialize new products, technologies processes and arrangements. Distinguishes logic from tradition, common tradition from prejudice, prejudice from common sense and common sense from nonsense while integrating variety of ideas from diverse groups and discipline. Skilled in applied creativity thrive in response to challenge and lack for unconventional solutions. They experience challenges, creative visions solutions, build stories that explains their visions for and then act to the part of the solutions. They forge new paths and risk failure, but persistently seek success. To proceed, what is technopreneurship? It is creating the “New” and destroying the “Old”. New knowledge, new products, new processes, new services, new markets, new business models, new raw materials. Service firm where technology is critical to their mission, business that provides services. Delivery or design of high-tech products like computer hardware or devices. Use of technology in the delivery or conduct of normal business activities. While entrepreneurship is, a way of thinking and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach and leadership balanced for the purpose of wealth creation. Entrepreneurship is creative destruction. Dynamic disequilibrium brought on by the innovating entrepreneur, rather than equilibrium and optimization, is the norm of a healthy economy and the central reality of economic theory and practice. The entrepreneur searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or a different service. Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources currently under one’s control.

Ultimately, there are more similarities than differences. Entrepreneurship, of all forms, follows this high-level path: Identify needs, Build products, Mitigate risks, and Take the products to market. Technopreneurs simply have a different perspective and set of tools for each step in this path and greater potential for success. Further, I’d call technopreneurship a subset of entrepreneurship. All technopreneurs are entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs are technopreneurs.

Technopreneurs Are Usually Developers First. Developers have a different view of the world and this influences every aspect of the entrepreneurial path for them. From identifying needs, building products, mitigating risks, and bringing those products to market, the entire process is distinctly different. Technopreneurs Generally Need Generalists. When it comes to bringing a product to market, technopreneurs often need people on their team with far broader business skill sets. Developers are good at building stuff. We’re not so good at getting out and meeting people who could use our products. Technopreneurs are entrepreneurs with a different set of tools and greater potential for success.

Why Technopreneurship?

The very simple answer is that technopreneurship give an opportunity to all who wants to have a business and be an employer. In our generation. Technology may have big impact in our lives in fact in gives our life worth easier. There are things that should consider first the innovation where everything is the first step. Gets an idea with different ways like active search for a problem, or by chance even with the experience we can get an idea. After gathering or brainstorming of an idea the best way to do it is to showcase it through joining different competition and this is called the Triggering event. It has to be implemented and it will grow as follow. Basically, idea alone is not enough, it needs to be on market. And idea alone is not money it needs dedication and hard work. High-tech and entrepreneurial skills are driving our economy back to prosperity. Technopreneurship merging technology prowess and entrepreneurial skills. A technopreneur distinguishes logic from tradition. Technopreneurship is not a product but a process leads to the future of a community. Strategic directions or decision-making processes are becoming more demanding and complex. This requires universities, and in site professional development programs and training to produce strategic thinkers who will have skills to succeed in a rapidly changing global environment.

One of the things that I like of what our facilitator had discussed was about the pictures. When our facilitator showed us the pictures he had on the screen, he asked us what are the people doing in the pictures, as far as I remember it, the pictures was about a girl cooking, a man who was a carpenter and fixing a house and the third one is a man who has a stethoscope and a screwdriver who was fixing a computer. After showing us the pictures our instructor then asked looking at the picture what do we think that each person needed to do and complete his work and finished it, what are the materials he needed to perform his work. Of course base on the picture when you see a person cooking the basic things that you will thought that she needed is of course obviously a pot then the ingredients of the food, a knife, a spoon and a cook book that will help her cooking, we saw a carpenter doing his work it is common that he needed a hammer, nails, saw, woods and other materials, we see a doctor or who is medicating a sick computer. The point of this was that based on the picture we were able to know what the things are needed. Just a simple picture we were able to identify many things visible in the picture or not, we were able to understand the situation and we were able to analyze it and know the difference of each situations, different things that is needed and as a technopreneur we knew that we need money, materials and personnel or human resources as our facilitator also said. Of course having your own business it is not free, the materials you needed and the human resources, so you really needed the money, money is necessary, and in the business world before you have everything you have to start, even though it was little it will do but this is the hard part because you have to think everything related to your work and having a start-up business is not that easy as our facilitator said it is hypothesis testing. Not all business succeed on the first phase, only few and it depends on how you approach people and how people approach you, your company and your product, it will based on how people accept your product and not the whole time that you present a new product that people will accept and adapt to it abruptly, if you make a wrong approach or a wrong way you will most likely fail, it all depends on the acceptance of your customers. If you make it to your small business, and that would be awesome but it is not the end of it, of course you don’t want it to remain small don’t you so you would try to grow your company and like starting the business it is not that easy, one wrong step and all the hardship you did to build your company may ruin and you will be back in fair one so you should take it step by step and have so many thinking and thoughts and you should ask other people for opinions and a better ideas and when your company has overcome those hardship you will taste the sweetness of success and you will continue, so start, grow and succeed that is the phases of making your own business and company. Just like how Steve Jobs succeed from his career, he just make sense and expand his ability towards success, well it is not easy at first because he just started as a small venture, but with peoples trust and your loyalty to work, success can be achieved.

I’ve just remembered during the meeting, our facilitator said about copyleft, that there’s a copyleft. A contrast I think of copyright, so I research for it and come up with. What Is Copyleft? Copyleft is an idea. To understand it you first need to understand copyright. Copyright is a law which restricts the public’s natural right to use, modify, and share creative works such as a written report or the original sheet music for a song. It also covers works such as poetry, movies and computer software. The work may be published or unpublished but it is placed under copyright restriction the very moment the work is authored. It should, however, be noted that copyright does not cover the ideas for a work. The work has to be tangible and fixed. Works that are restricted by copyright cannot be copied or modified without the permission of the copyright holder and this includes reproducing the work in another medium. For example, if a poem has copyright restrictions someone is unable to make a derivative work in the form of a movie. The copyright restriction still exists and the permission of the copyright holder must be obtained. The holder of the copyright, therefore, has the ability to allow or exclude the public from reproducing and distributing their work. Nothing forces someone to publish their work, but once they do the public should have the right use, modify, and share it and this is normally done by way of a license. The license covers the specific terms of how others are able to use the work. Under copyleft, the author claims a copyright on the work and makes a statement in the form of a license that other people have the right to use, modify, and share the work so long as their modified versions are put under that same license and that anyone receiving a copy of the work — whether modified or not — must also be given these same rights. If someone does not follow the terms set by the copyright holder it becomes copyright infringement, which is subject to the full penalties of the legal system. Those key concepts — that modified versions must also be under the same license, and that the rights to use, modify, and share the work must be passed on to anyone that gets a copy — is what copyleft is all about. Copyright gives power to restrict what other people can do with their own copies of things. Copyleft is about restoring those rights: It takes this oppressive law, which normally restricts people and takes their rights away, and make those rights inalienable.

Another thing our facilitator said about BMC or business model canvass where, gives you the structure of a business plan without the overhead and the improvisation of a ‘back of the napkin’ sketch without the fuzziness (and coffee rings).

Formal descriptions of the business become the building blocks for its activities. Many different business conceptualizations exist; Osterwalder’s work and thesis (2010, 2004) propose a single reference model based on the similarities of a wide range of business model conceptualizations. With his business model design template, an enterprise can easily describe their business model.

  • Infrastructure
    • Key Activities: The most important activities in executing a company’s value proposition. An example for Bic would be creating an efficient supply chain to drive down costs.
    • Key Resources: The resources that are necessary to create value for the customer. They are considered an asset to a company, which are needed in order to sustain and support the business. These resources could be human, financial, physical and intellectual.
    • Partner Network: In order to optimize operations and reduce risks of a business model, organization usually cultivate buyer-supplier relationships so they can focus on their core activity. Complementary business alliances also can be considered through joint ventures, strategic alliances between competitors or non-competitors.
  • Offering
    • Value Propositions: The collection of products and services a business offers to meet the needs of its customers. According to Osterwalder, (2004), a company’s value proposition is what distinguishes itself from its competitors. The value proposition provides value through various elements such as newness, performance, customization, “getting the job done”, design, brand/status, price, cost reduction, risk reduction, accessibility, and convenience/usability.
      • The value propositions may be:
        • Quantitative- price and efficiency
        • Qualitative- overall customer experience and outcome
  • Customers
    • Customer Segments: To build an effective business model, a company must identify which customers it tries to serve. Various sets of customers can be segmented based on the different needs and attributes to ensure appropriate implementation of corporate strategy meets the characteristics of selected group of clients. The different types of customer segments include:
      • Mass Market: There is no specific segmentation for a company that follows the Mass Market element as the organization displays a wide view of potential clients. e.g. Car
      • Niche Market: Customer segmentation based on specialized needs and characteristics of its clients. e.g. Rolex
      • Segmented: A company applies additional segmentation within existing customer segment. In the segmented situation, the business may further distinguish its clients based on gender, age, and/or income.
      • Diversify: A business serves multiple customer segments with different needs and characteristics.
      • Multi-Sided Platform / Market: For a smooth day-to-day business operation, some companies will serve mutually dependent customer segment. A credit card company will provide services to credit card holders while simultaneously assisting merchants who accept those credit cards.
    • Channels: A company can deliver its value proposition to its targeted customers through different channels. Effective channels will distribute a company’s value proposition in ways that are fast, efficient and cost effective. An organization can reach its clients either through its own channels (store front), partner channels (major distributors), or a combination of both.
    • Customer Relationships: To ensure the survival and success of any businesses, companies must identify the type of relationship they want to create with their customer segments. Various forms of customer relationships include:
      • Personal Assistance: Assistance in a form of employee-customer interaction. Such assistance is performed either during sales, after sales, and/or both.
      • Dedicated Personal Assistance: The most intimate and hands on personal assistance where a sales representative is assigned to handle all the needs and questions of a special set of clients.
      • Self Service: The type of relationship that translates from the indirect interaction between the company and the clients. Here, an organization provides the tools needed for the customers to serve themselves easily and effectively.
      • Automated Services: A system similar to self-service but more personalized as it has the ability to identify individual customers and his/her preferences. An example of this would be Amazon.com making book suggestion based on the characteristics of the previous book purchased.
      • Communities: Creating a community allows for a direct interaction among different clients and the company. The community platform produces a scenario where knowledge can be shared and problems are solved between different clients.
      • Co-creation: A personal relationship is created through the customer’s direct input in the final outcome of the company’s products/services.
  • Finances
    • Cost Structure: This describes the most important monetary consequences while operating under different business models. A company’s DOC.
      • Classes of Business Structures:
        • Cost-Driven – This business model focuses on minimizing all costs and having no frills. e.g. SouthWest
        • Value-Driven – Less concerned with cost, this business model focuses on creating value for their products and services. e.g. Louis Vuitton, Rolex
      • Characteristics of Cost Structures:
        • Fixed Costs – Costs are unchanged across different applications. e.g. salary, rent
        • Variable Costs – These costs vary depending on the amount of production of goods or services. e.g. music festivals
        • Economies of Scale – Costs go down as the amount of good are ordered or produced.
        • Economies of Scope – Costs go down due to incorporating other businesses which have a direct relation to the original product.
    • Revenue Streams: The way a company makes income from each customer segment. Several ways to generate a revenue stream:
      • Asset Sale – (the most common type) Selling ownership rights to a physical good. e.g. Wal-Mart
      • Usage Fee – Money generated from the use of a particular service e.g. UPS
      • Subscription Fees – Revenue generated by selling a continuous service. e.g. Netflix
      • Lending/Leasing/Renting – Giving exclusive right to an asset for a particular period of time. e.g. Leasing a Car
      • Licensing – Revenue generated from charging for the use of a protected intellectual property.
      • Brokerage Fees – Revenue generated from an intermediate service between 2 parties. e.g. Broker selling a house for commission
      • Advertising – Revenue generated from charging fees for product advertising.

There’s nothing from the sharing that I can say that I liked least because all of my learning I used to liked it most. So I put my almost 5000 words on liked most part.


Reflection (3 Idiots)

Ranchodas ‘Rancho’ Shamaldas Chanchad

Each person gets different experiences in life. And those experiences that we had encounter in our life is sometimes a way for us to learn in our own. Life is full of pressures. It depends on the person’s way of engaging this kind of problem. Life is something that shouldn’t be wasted because of pressure. There’s only one chance in life, people should not sacrifice their dream. Bear always in mind that life is yours not of others and being happy is the most important reliever of pressure.

There are many ways on how a person learn and on how they want to learn. One of the best learning example I want you to share is about person, who is an amazing man and what he’s done are so unanticipated, namely Phunshukh Wangdu or Ranchoddas Chanchad of 3 idiots. Chotte, Phunshukh Wangdu, who takes on the identity of Ranchoddas Syamaldas Chanchad. Phunshukh Wangdu is a son of Ranchoddas Chanchad gardener. He stayed in chanchad family after he was orphaned by his father and did jobs around the Chanchad’s house. Ranchoddas Chanchad is born in a rich family but he doesn’t have the eagerness to learn unlike Chotte, Phunshukh Wangdu. Chotte went to college as Rancho. He does all the hard work and the learnings in school. Rancho gets the grades, the degree and gathers knowledge for the real Ranchoddas. Rancho really has the passion to learn. He does all the responsibilities of the real Ranchoddas not only for the degree or grades but for the LEARNING itself. This kind of person should really be admired not just because of his intelligence but because of the passion that he has for learning. Rancho shows in the movie that people must need to put their hearts in what we are doing and in what we love to do, it also shows that we must never stop finding and never stop to discover new things so that we can become one of the successful person and achiever of tomorrow.

Rancho plays a role of a great adviser, in the movie, to his two friends namely Farhan and Raju and the people around. Every time his friends may encountered in any problems, rancho is always there for his friends and tries to really help them by giving the right advise he can give to them. Rancho is a very funny, a brilliant person, cheerful always , making everyone happy no matter how sad and problematic his life was, he always living like there was no tomorrow and lastly, living his life to the fullest every moment. Every time this three were together they were very happy and making jokes to everyone. Rancho once mentioned in the movie that he thinks of a school that is not a race. But instead school for him is a place of enlightening ideas, gaining knowledge and dedication for study. And he also said that life is not a race, if you do not run fast, you will be like a broken. There some that has never realized the things that is important in their life. They only sees the world competitively. The person who’s focusing of becoming the first in any situations is getting away to the reality and purposes that they were to aim. Rancho was trying to tell us and show us that people really need to work hard and people really need to be excellent so that we do not left in the race of life. What he says is also a means of not to compete to learning.

Friends are very important in my life. One can be judged as rich or poor with the numbers of friends that they have. Friends can be there to cheer us up when we sad and may be the one that we share our happiness with. I think friends is one of the gift that been given to anyone. Rancho shows in this movie on how he really value his friends. He shows what a friend must be and shows the importance of having a friend and being a friend also. What touches me the most is that even if Rancho leave his friends without saying goodbye is that he really kept the memories they had and even though he’s far from his friend, he is still there for them. Rancho still have the updates of all the happenings that Farhan and Raju. Now Phunshukh Wangdu is a teacher and a scientist. This achievement that rancho had in his life, this are the return to all of his passion, eagerness and willingness to learn. Maybe there are some that do not like the personality of rancho, but looking in some factor of his character it is telling us to not be stuck in a place that pull us down but instead think in a positive way that will help ourself to be cheered.

The things that I have learned about rancho is first, love what you do. Loving what we do will help us to do things more easier. Do not aim for any success if you want it, just simply do what you love and simply believe in yourself and everything will come naturally. The second one that rancho thought me is to have a passion in anything that I want. Passion is a powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, anger, enthusiasm, etc. It can also be an object or something that we love or desire. Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do, follow your passion. Another lesson is freedom. We are born to become free. Rancho really emphasizes here also that freedom must exist to every person because that person has the right to have choices in his/her life. Freedom is the right to do what one wants, live where he wants, eat what he wants, learns what he wants, and chooses the religion in which he believes, without ignoring or harming other rights. Another is believe. Believing in yourself is also in the road of success. Though there are some people that will hurt us and people who will pull us down but remember that believing in our self is a key for us to become a more foundation for our life. Lastly is to become a role model to anyone. I believe a person has many role models in their lives. Each role model teaches a person about themselves. A role model to me is someone who not only treats me as an equal but is honest, trusting, and most of all open-minded especially in today’s society. We live in a society that really doesn’t allow one to be different. A role model DARES you and themselves to be different.

Now a days, people are being tired to learn something because the people of today prefer more to play games in any gadgets like computer, PSP and etc., hanging out with friends, watching television, and any activities. Yes, maybe we learn from this but the real learning is not engaged with it. Education is most important among all of us. Education plays a very important role in anyone’s life. It helps a person to show their best by their mind and spirit. It gives people a lot of knowledge in whatever aspects. There are also some times that people only want to learn something because of wanting to have a good grades, and not wanted to learn to increase knowledge. This kind of view must change because learning is like a river, it continuously flows. And Learning has no end. Sometimes we don’t have to pursue the success, all we need is to do our best.

FRIENDSHIP There are many valuable things in life, but friendship may be one of the most important. To live life without the experience of friendship, is life without living. Human interaction is a necessity to survival, but developed friendships are essential to the successful well being of anyone. Based upon Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of a friend is, “A person whom one knows, likes and trusts.” But to all, Friendship has no defined terminology. The definition of a friend, and friendship, is based upon one’s own notions. Many people look for different characteristics in friends, things that may be common in nature. There are many different types of friends that one wants or needs. There are Five different categories for these friends. It is best in nature to recognize and appreciate various kinds of friends.

Role models are important. Life can be hard, with money woes and illness dragging us down. People need tangible reminders of the fact that strength and honor can triumph in rough circumstance. They need to be aware that every day people can be generous and caring. And people need to know that they, themselves, are brave and strong.

“Some things are really necessaries of life in some circles, the most helpless and diseased, which in others are luxuries merely, and in others still entirely unknown. Nature is as well-adapted to our weakness as to our strength. The incessant anxiety and strain of some is a well-nigh incurable form of disease. We are made to exaggerate the importance of the work we do; and yet how much is not done by us!…We are determined not to live by faith if we can avoid it; all the day long on the alert, at night we unwillingly say our prayers and commit ourselves to uncertainties. So thoroughly and sincerely are we compelled to live, reverencing our life, and denying the possibility of change. This is the only way, we say; but there are as many ways as there can be drawn radii from one center. All changes a miracle to contemplate; but it is a miracle which is taking place every moment. When one man has reduced a fact of the imagination to be a fact to his understanding, I foresee that all men will establish their lives on that basis…The improvements of ages have not had but little influence on the essential laws of man’s existence: as our skeletons, probably, are not to be distinguished from those of our ancestors…Most of the luxuries, and many of the so-called comforts of life, are not only not indispensible, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. With respect to luxuries and comforts, the wisest have ever lived a more simple and meager life than the poor. The ancient philosophers were a class than which none have been poorer in outward riches, none so rich in inward…None can be an impartial or wise observer of life but from the vantage ground of what we should call voluntary poverty. Of a life of luxury the fruit is luxury, whether in agriculture or commerce or literature or art. There are nowadays professors of philosophy, but not philosophers. Yet it is admirable to profess, because it was once admirable to live. To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity, and trust. It is to solve some of the problems of life, not only theoretically, but practically…When he has obtained those things necessary to life, there is another alternative but to obtain the superfluities; and that is, to adventure on life now, his vacation from humbler toil having commenced. The soil, it appears, is suited for the seed, for it has sent its radicle downward, and it may now send its shoot upward also with confidence. Why has man thus rooted himself in the earth, but that he may rise in the same proportion into the heavens above? For the nobler plants are firmly valued for the fruits that they bear at last in the air and the light, far from the ground and are not treated like the humbler esculents, which, though they may be biennials, are cultivated only until they have perfected their root, and often cut down at top for this purpose, so that most would not know them in their flowering season…A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. But I would say to my fellows, once and for all, as long as possible live free and uncommitted. The winds which passed over my dwelling were such that sweep over the ridges of mountains, bearing the broken strains, or celestial parts only, of terrestrial music. The morning wind forever blows, the poem of creation is uninterrupted; but few are the ears that hear it.”

Raju Rastogi

Emotions and feelings are central to our life. They allow us to exist and achieve the fullness of our personality by motivating us towards that which is good. However, as a result of traumatic experiences, our emotional life can become disordered. This abnormal expression of emotion can only be understood and addressed by having an adequate understanding of how emotions work and develop within the person. This essay will seek to outline what emotions are, how they develop and how they relate to motivation and thought processes. A brief study of anxiety will seek to show how emotions can become disordered, and the ways in which ‘emotional literacy’ provides a means of addressing this problem. While our whole life is built around emotion, many people do not understand what they are or how they develop. Every person has the ability to experience and express emotion. Since emotions are natural, the act of feeling emotion is morally neutral . Each person has some degree of control over what they feel and how they express and share their feelings . Emotional responses are both physiological and psychological. These responses influence perception, learning and performance. Emotions are instruments that aim at “the possession of suitable objects”, thus leading us to “reach the perfection of our personality” .

Raju Rastogi, came from a poor family whose father was sickly. His sister was unmarried. He was the current able man of the family and because of that Raju bore the burden of sustaining the entire family. He also had the burden in his studies. Raju was someone who wanted to become an engineer unlike Farhan, and he was passionate about his field, too. Only that he was not as intelligent as Rancho. I must say that he was the weakest character among the three friends. He was especially weak when it comes to emotions. He was emotionally-driven most of the time, he was easily taken over by his feelings especially when he was pressured.

Raju was not a bad person. Like Farhan and Rancho, he had his own dreams and ambitions, too. However, when faced in difficult situations, Raju was not the type of person who could endure all the pressures and thus, attempted to commit suicide. That what makes him the weakest character among the three. Unlike Rancho, Raju allowed his emotions overtake him. That’s his weakness.

A lot of people in this generation are like Raju, too. People tend to let their feelings control them instead of them controlling their emotions. However, we see that Raju was regretful about that certain event in his life, and after that, he changed for good. I realized that no matter how weak a person is, we don’t have the right to judge him according to that area of his life.

In Raju’s life, I realized that even though we face difficult situations, we should always overcome it and not solve it by just throwing our lives away as if it’s a dirty rag. We should overcome our baggage. That even though we are tired, even though we have had enough to the point that we wanted to die, we should not by any means surrender, much worse to kill ourselves. We should learn how to hope for the future, not only seeing what the present is. We should set out goals. We should always look forward what come next after this and that—because who knows, life is full of surprises, after all.

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. But it’s the difficult times where we need a little more support and guidance. It’s how you respond in your moments of difficulty that really defines the type of person you are. When you can improve your ability to get through the difficult times, you not only live a happier life, but you also grow as a person. There are many things you can do to get through difficult times for example, staying positive, learning from difficult times, know what you’re grateful for, changing things up and many more things. Staying positive is only a small part in getting through the difficult times, but it’s an important part. When you stay positive, you’re putting yourself in the best position possible to not only make it through those bad times, but become a better person in the process. You can do one of two things when life gets hard. You can remain positive and remind yourself that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you’ll make it through, or you can be negative and keep failing. You have to eventually pick up the pieces and start moving forward. There are times when you can’t do much to change your situation. You just have to deal with it. But there are other times when you can actually make the situation better. The solution won’t be in plain sight, because if it was you probably wouldn’t have gotten in that situation in the first place. But if you can take a step back and see the bigger picture, you may discover somethings that can help you.

Raju Rastugi may have once wanted to abandon his life, but he was given a second chance to live and correct his life. It was good, however, what if he really died and did not make it? It would be such a waste to lose his future just because he was pressured by the present. I think his character is a great reminder to all of us that LIFE is PRECIOUS. We should not waste it for nothing. As for Raju, having Rancho as his friend also contributes a lot in developing his character. Just like to Farhan, Rancho did not give up on Raju, especially when he was always there in the hospital taking care of him. By then Raju realizes just how much his friends love and care for him, this also gives him hope and encouragement to fight for his staggering life.

There are a lot of people who are like Raju. And everyday there is at least one person who commits suicide all because he is pressured by his life—just like Raju. That’s why I don’t think that the character of Raju is good for nothing. His life reminds us that we should not do the same thing, and even if we already did, we opt to correct the mistake and live a changed life.

Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is your general judgment of yourself, and how much you like yourself. Self-esteem is related to your worth and value. Building self-esteem is the first step towards your happiness, and better life. It also increases your confidence, if you have confidence, you will respect yourself, which will help you improve your relationships, your achievements, and your happiness. Good self-esteem is important because it helps you to hold your head high, feel proud of yourself, and feel good about what you can do. It gives you the courage to try new things and the power to believe in yourself. Having good self-esteem is also the ticket to making good choices about your mind and body. If you think you’re important, you’ll be less likely to follow the crowd, and more likely to value your safety, your feelings, and your health. Low self-esteem can be caused by a large variety of factors. It could stem from the way you were raised, something that your parents did, or something as simple as a friend saying, It looks like you gained some weight. Your perception of certain activities can make you feel embarrassed, or stupid, which are primary causes of low self-esteem. Your level of self-esteem is based on your own experiences, and relationships that have made up your life. Having positive and fulfilling relationships help raise your self-esteem, negative experiences and troubled relationships tend to lower self-esteem.

Raju is a great reminder to all of us that we should not forsake our lives just because the world is pressuring us. I think that if we are pressured by the world, we should not let our feelings push us to the corner. Let the world’s pressure take care of itself, instead, let us take care of our own self. We should value life because it is only given to us once, and we do not have the right to take it away from us.

In Raju’s point of view, I see that he wanted to end his life so that he could be released from the pressures around him. True, he could have been released from the pressures by dying, but what about the pressures left behind to his family—to his friends? What about the sadness they would feel by losing him? What about the pain? Dying is not the solution to all the problems. If people think the way Raju thinks, the world might become unbalanced. Thanks to Raju’s character, by the way, because of him we have realized how undesirable it could be to resolve into ending one’s life.

Mistakes help us learn the existing theory of life between good and bad. Sometimes, a mistake may seem too good to approach it or it may be too dreadful to even dream about in your wildest dreams.

I believe that failure leads to success. There is no doubt in my mind that one cannot succeed without failing. People view failure as a step back or as a halt in progress, but I cannot disagree more. Failure is actually a step forward or progress towards your goal. Throughout history brilliant minds have said things like “Never, never, never give up.” Winston Churchill could not have been more on the money. Never giving up greatly increases your chances of success. Never giving up means you repeatedly fail and learn from your mistakes and move on. When we accept failure as progress we get closer and closer to our goal as we learn more and more how to succeed. In other words, failure shows you how you cannot succeed, which, in essence, shows you how you can succeed. It is like a multiple choice question; when you fail you are actually eliminating possible answers leaving the correct one for the choosing. Failure is what makes us better. Without failure one does not improve. If one does not improve then one cannot succeed. I believe that failure goes hand in hand with success. This belief has influenced my views on life and has greatly helped me to accomplish some of my goals.

Life is beautiful but not always easy, it has problems, too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm, which makes the pain bearable, during trying times, by providing hope. Happiness, sorrow, victory, defeat, day-night are the two sides of the me coin. Similarly life is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failures and problems. There is no human being on Earth, strong, powerful, wise or rich, who has not experienced, struggle, suffering or failure. No doubt, life is beautiful and every moment – a celebration of being alive, but one should be always ready to face adversity and challenges. A person who has not encountered difficulties in life can never achieve success. Difficulties test the courage, patience, perseverance and true character of a human being. Adversity and hardships make a person strong and ready to face the challenges of life with equanimity. There is no doubt that there can be no gain without pain. It is only when one toils and sweats it out that success is nourished and sustained. Thus, life is and should not be just a bed of roses; thorns are also a part of it and should be accepted by us just as we accept the beautiful side of life. The thorns remind one of how success and happiness can be evasive and thus not to feel disappointed and disheartened rather remember that the pain of thorns is short-lived, and the beauty of life would soon overcome the prick of thorns. Life is beautiful just as roses but it has challenges which are like thorns and have to be faced and overcome by all. Those, who accept these, challenges and succeed, are the ones, who know how to live life in its true sense. Thus, enjoy life but also be prepared to bear the pricks of pain.

Farhan Qureshi

Making decision is a cruel stage of one’s life, I mean it’s between your thoughts, likes, wants, needs and/or what you feel. For some people, none of this is a big deal. For others, however, making decisions (big and little ones) isn’t easy. They agonize over what to do, vacillating back and forth, and second-guessing themselves even after the decision has been made. Good decision-making is a skill that comes easily to some people, not so easily to others. Choices are confusing. Choices can make you anxious. They can cost you peace of mind, even after you’ve made the decision. When making your decisions, put yourself first. It’s important that you’re better off as a result of making the decision. This may seem selfish, but it’s better than spending your life doing things for others that you don’t want to be doing, and/or not having time to spend on what you really want to do for yourself. This is the first and most important of these decision making tips if you want to take care of yourself. If you consider your family important to you, show this by creating balance in your decision making. Whatever decision you make, you and your family should benefit in the short-term and in the long-term. If you prefer working to spending time with your family, then do just this. And don’t adjust yourself or them by pretending anything else. If you allow others to make decisions for you instead of making your own decisions, then they are running your life. In effect, you’re giving them control and you are living the life they think you should have. -Good decision making.

This value Farhan Qureshi, a major character of the movie 3 idiots, should follow or work on. Making big deals and worst decision is just a part of being human and dealing this world. It may fall to high fall or deep fly. Accepting all the consequences and costs of all you risk from your decisions. All things have reason why these comes to one’s life. Trust on yourself, you could cause you can so you do. Just giving your best shot, It’s your devotedness and happiness. Making these decisions you should take responsibilities and importance on what thing will come up. Some decisions don’t work out as expected, this doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong. You did not make a stupid decision. It’s just that sometimes the unexpected happens. You’re understandably disappointed. Just don’t be hard on yourself or blame yourself for what happened. Change decision carefully, those who are successful in life are able to make great decisions and are slow to change them. People who are not as successful tend to change their mind a lot. So having big decision, accepting downfalls and decision changing scenarios is just an approach a person should accept.

Farhan Qureshi, a selfless man who can’t decide for his own good. In fact, since the beginning his life is knotted from his parent’s decision. Even when turning college, all he wishes is to become a wildlife photographer yet his father pushes him to become an engineer. He could never do well in engineering but once he took up his hobby as profession he never looked back and established new milestones of success. Farhan Qureshi is very dependent son, in fact he can’t make things on his own. All decision for himself are dictated by his father. He lays all his parents’ demands first before anything else. All his wants and needs are dedicated and committed to his parents. He loves them and very faithful, he follow all they’re demands and orders are followed with no second thought. Farhan Qureshi is the type of person who doesn’t like to disappoint his parents. He can’t win with his Dad’s decision. So he chose to disregard his dreams and follow his Dad’s demand.

Learning from Farhan’s experiences, is could relate a bit when coming a final decision of my life’s journey, they’re the one who make judgment, I find it good and bad(I think) for myself. It seems good because things they’ve done for me was for all my own good. Their decision take a leading way for me to a road of my success with their help. They show me how things will be ended up when I take that route. In the other hand, It seems to be a bad thing for me when it comes to self needs, although they allow me doing these and those things but TRUST is a big word. They don’t have a trust on what things I will do. Following their rules sometimes feels so annoying and exaggerated, that feeling when they always reminds you, it’s not a bad thing but feels so displeasing in a point that you yourself is just like a kid who don’t know anything, but that’s life. Following them is part of being a son. In some other point of following their decision, It’s not rough as it is, they choose what better for my growth and what’s great for my development. Seeing my parents happy on what their decision come up, it feels so warming and happy to. For example, during my elementary years, I’ve just listen to them that I should study. Learning is not a stress for me because they also allow me to play when vacant times. I’ve just graduated grade 6 with an honor and it makes my parents so happy and very proud of me. But when I’m on my rebel stage during highschool, things turned upside down. From an honor student to a dota player, whose grades are failing. Not following their advice and guidance, and making the wrong decision, I surely regret those things. I haven’t built a better quality of me, construct a loving and caring son. So making crucial, it may pulls you up or drag you down.

On the story, Farhan Qureshi, from the day he was born, his father proclaimed that he would be an engineer someday but as he entered college, it was never his dream. It was his father’s dream for him, he followed what his father wanted for him even though it is not what he wanted just to please and make his father happy and a respect as a good son. He really dream as a wildlife photographer because he had this passion in photography and he also loves animals. Even though he entered engineering y, his love for photography is still in him. Every examination results, he is consistent on being on the last rank and always on the last row during class pictorials together with Raju. He still studies his lessons well but still can’t make it to the top. I understand that he needed to do all of these things just to make his parent’s proud especially his father that had given him all the needs just to make him feel comfortable in his studies. Everything that they can offer they will give it to his son just to make it comfortable and easier for him to study. A part of the movie wherein it is their job interview and his father bought him a brand new laptop because he thought that it would be a great help for his son especially if he would pass the job interview and be hired for work. That time then, Farhan has the courage to speak for himself and let his father know what he wanted in his life. I understand his father’s side because our parents only wanted what’s best for us. They would not decide on something if they know it would be no good at all. But sometimes we need to speak out especially on what would really make us happy because a man would be truly human if he will be able to live his life to the fullest, meaning he had live his life the way he wanted it to be. I liked the scene in which he talked to his father that he don’t want to pursue engineering because he wanted to follow his heart, his dreams and it would be wildlife photographer. It was a happy ending for Farhan because his father finally understands the meaning of happiness for his son and embraces him as a sign of his acceptance and love. I really admired Farhan’s courage to stand up to his father in order for him to have his life following the tracks of his dream and I also admired his parents especially his father for listening and understanding his son’s plea and supports him instead. Even though Farhan hesitated to disobey his parents’ wish, he ended up following his own dreams. Through the life of Rancho, Farhan saw what he had not seen before, that he is not a machine operated by his parents. Farhan is someone who listens to advices, but he is also someone who thinks little of himself, that’s why he really had a hard time. Good thing that Rancho never gave up on him when it comes to encouragement, that because of Rancho Farhan was able to see life in a new way.

I like how Farhan obeys his parents. I like how he loves them to the point that he is willing to abandon his dream for their own happiness. I like how he strives hard to please them. However, even though these are good to hear, even though he seems to be a good kid, we all know that Farhan should not always live his life the way his parents want it to be. Because Farhan has his own life, too. He needs to live his life for himself and not live his life for other’s sake. He needs to get up. And be courageous enough to tell to his parents that he HAS A LIFE. He’s not a machine. I was touched on how his father reacted on the situation that he said that he will return the laptop that he just bought for his son and asked for the cost of the camera that his son would need on his dreams.

There are lots of decision making tips to be had from studying successful people because they know how to make great decisions. They choose goals and keep aiming at them, regardless of the obstacles that may come. Many people who fail do so because at the first or second obstacle, they give up. They change their mind, make a different decision. Then at the next big difficulty they make a different decision again. People make a different decision if it becomes obvious that the goal they are aiming for is no longer viable or becomes detrimental, or if something better appears.

Passion shapes our existence, fuels the fires of inspiration and opens us up to opportunities and changes around us. Passion is enthusiasm and excitement for life. Passion comes when you are being your authentic self and doing what comes naturally to you. When what you do is in alignment with who you are, you get energy from doing it. Think in possibilities and not limitations. Life is limitless. Many people limit their potential because they don’t want to spend the time it requires to get to where they truly want to be. They focus too much on the limitations which holds them back from the possibilities of what could be. Whether you’re talking about the possibilities of your career, the possibilities of your health or the possibilities of your relationships; you need to think about what you can do to achieve what it is you’re aiming for. Only you can decide whether you are “good enough” to do something. Self-doubt can be one of the main factors in people not taking risks or pursuing their passion, don’t forget, the expert in anything was once a beginner too. It’s better to start late than to of never tried, after all, the only regrets we ever have are the chances we didn’t take. Do a creative exercise to find your passion. Exploring avenues of creativity to find your passion is likely the quickest route to increase your chances of launching a successful business. Even topics in which you talk about with your friends or family more than others can give hints of areas of interest that could withhold what you would love to do. Never give up. There are going to be times when you feel like quitting and the comfort zone calls for your return, that’s a good sign, keep moving forward. It’s how we handle the worst moments that ultimately determine our success. Even if you haven’t found your passion, keep trying new things and experimenting. You never know what is round the corner or what opportunities will arise from new situations you never foresaw yourself being in. It is never too late to chase what you have always wanted to do and never give up.

I’m glad that Farhan achieved his dreams and overcome all the trials in his life. Farhan was able to take the risk by conquering his fears of his parents. His character reminds us that people should not be afraid to pursue their dreams.

I choose Farhan Qureshi because he’s an inspiring character, a loving, loyal son that earn a guts to say his true feelings that he truly loves photography and not engineering. He proudly believe in his self that he can achieve on what course he will take. Lastly, he’s an inspiration to those who’s dreams are hold or not taken because of the decision of the parents.

Meeting (July 4, 2015)

The facilitator taught us about Technopreneurship. Technopreneurship is not just a subject in our curriculum; it is more than that, not just a course and a subject. It is an adventure where the world will be a sea and our facilitator is the captain of our ship. Compared to other IT-related subjects, it is more of a business course, not a subject where we are forced to learn stuff such as creating algortihms, doing some pseudocodes,etc. This is a course wherein we can learn things that can be applied to the real world and we could make use of when we become professionals or engage ourselves into business, specifically concerning about technological kind of business such as developing mobile applications or devices. Being at a young age, we are very much lucky that we have to do this kind of work to hone and improve our skills further. For me, I enjoy this sort of challenge where we show case our ideas and plans regarding something that I think would be helping other people in their daily lives, it is a very nice way to encourage me to show my creativity and gives me awareness of my surroundings. I like how the tone of Sir Gamboa’s voice seem to challenge us of what can we do and what can we show him. He does it in a way that he inspires us and give us hope to what we are able to do.

Alternative mindset is the key to make the economy of Davao City propel. The benefit of this is to make the mind of people to think that outside the box and to become what they wanted to be if they want to try. If we know this mindset and if won’t apply it to the real life it will be nonsense I know about the new mindset. Students must bear in mind to always be excellent in everything they do while in school because the more they strive hard and work hard to be on top, the more chances they could have to get good grades, get on top of the class and have awards and medals.  There are entrepreneurs or technopreneurs that are successful in their field or their business that they made. If they will create their own business they will become not just an employee but they are the employer and they owned a company. Everything has its own reason why some people are succeeded in their chosen path of their life. It will make you feel motivated to have a better life but it is on your hand to do about it. For some people they were not contented to be an employee and to have a lesser amount of salary so this mindset is the best to make your dream or desire to come true. It makes you keep motivated to become a business man someday.


– merging of technology and entrepreneurship.

– it is simply entrepreneurship in a technology intensive context.

– process of merging technology prowess and entrepreneurial talent and skills.

Technopreneurs– people behind Technopreneurship.

Who is the Technopreneur­?

-A person who destroys the existing economic order (creative destruction) by introducing new products and services, by creating new forms of organization and by exploiting new materials.(Schumpeter,1934)

-Someone who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it.

-A person who undertakes RISKS (by creating an enterprise or business) that has the chance of profit or success.

-Technopreneurs distinguish themselves through their ability to accumulate and manage knowledge as well as their ability to mobilize resources to achieve a specified business or social goal. (Kuemmerle,2002)

– The Technopreneur is a bold, imaginative, deviator from established business method and practices who constantly seek the opportunity to commercialize new products, technologies, processes and arrangements. (Baumol,2002)

-The Technopreneur distinguishes logic from tradition, tradition from prejudice, prejudice from common sense and common sense from non sense while integrating a variety of ideas from diverse groups and disciplines.(Manuel Greijo,2002)

–  Technopreneurs are skilled in applied creativity, thrive in response to challenges and looks for unconventional solutions. They experience challenges, creative visions an then act to be part of the solution.They forge new paths and risk failures, but persistently seeks success.(Dorf and Byers,2205)

Thinking outside the box is more than just a business cliché. It means approaching problems in new, innovative ways; conceptualizing problems differently; and understanding your position in relation to any particular situation in a way you’d never thought of before. Ironically, its a cliché that means to think of clichéd situations in ways that aren’t clichéd.

We’re told to “think outside the box” all the time, but how exactly do we do that? How do we develop the ability to confront problems in ways other than the ways we normally confront problems? How do we cultivate the ability to look at things differently from the way we typically look at things?

Thinking outside the box starts well before we’re “boxed in” – that is, well before we confront a unique situation and start forcing it into a familiar “box” that we already know how to deal with. Or at least think we know how to deal with.

Here are 11 ways to beef up your out-of-the-box thinking skills. Make an effort to push your thinking up to and beyond its limit every now and again – the talents you develop may come in handy the next time you face a situation that “everybody knows” how to solve.

  1. Study another industry.

I’ve learned as much about teaching from learning about marketing as I have from studying pedagogy – maybe more. Go to the library and pick up a trade magazine in an industry other than your own, or grab a few books from the library, and learn about how things are done in other industries. You might find that many of the problems people in other industries face are similar to the problems in your own, but that they’ve developed really quite different ways of dealing with them. Or you might well find new linkages between your own industry and the new one, linkages that might well be the basis of innovative partnerships in the future.

  1. Learn about another religion.

Religions are the way that humans organize and understand their relationships not only with the supernatural or divine but with each other. Learning about how such relations are structured can teach you a lot about how people relate to each other and the world around them. Starting to see the reason in another religion can also help you develop mental flexibility – when you really look at all the different ways people comprehend the same mysteries, and the fact that they generally manage to survive regardless of what they believe, you start to see the limitations of whatever dogma or doxy you follow, a revelation that will transfer quite a bit into the non-religious parts of your life.

  1. Take a class.

Learning a new topic will not only teach you a new set of facts and figures, it will teach you a new way of looking at and making sense of aspects of your everyday life or of the society or natural world you live in. This in turn will help expand both how you look at problems and the breadth of possible solutions you can come up with.

  1. Read a novel in an unfamiliar genre.

Reading is one of the great mental stimulators in our society, but it’s easy to get into a rut. Try reading something you’d never have touched otherwise – if you read literary fiction, try a mystery or science fiction novel; if you read a lot of hard-boiled detective novels, try a romance; and so on. Pay attention not only to the story but to the particular problems the author has to deal with. For instance, how does the fantasy author bypass your normal skepticism about magic and pull you into their story? Try to connect those problems to problems you face in your own field. For example, how might your marketing team overcome your audiences normal reticence about a new “miracle” product?

  1. Write a poem.

While most problem-solving leans heavily on our brain’s logical centers, poetry neatly bridges our more rational left-brain though processes and our more creative right-brain processes. Though it may feel foolish (and getting comfortable with feeling foolish might be another way to think outside the box), try writing a poem about the problem you’re working on. Your poem doesn’t necessarily have to propose a solution – the idea is to shift your thinking away from your brain’s logic centers and into a more creative part of the brain, where it can be mulled over in a non-rational way. Remember, nobody has to ever see your poem…

  1. Draw a picture.

Drawing a picture is even more right-brained, and can help break your logical left-brain’s hold on a problem the same way a poem can. Also, visualizing a problem engages other modes of thinking that we don’t normally use, bringing you another creative boost.

  1. Turn it upside down.

Turning something upside-down, whether physically by flipping a piece of paper around or metaphorically by re-imagining it can help you see patterns that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent. The brain has a bunch of pattern-making habits that often obscure other, more subtle patterns at work; changing the orientation of things can hide the more obvious patterns and make other patterns emerge. For example, you might ask what a problem would look like if the least important outcome were the most important, and how you’d then try to solve it.

  1. Work backwards.

Just like turning a thing upside down, working backwards breaks the brain’s normal conception of causality. This is the key to backwards planning, for example, where you start with a goal and think back through the steps needed to reach it until you get to where you are right now.

  1. Ask a child for advice.

I don’t buy into the notion that children are inherently ore creative before society “ruins” them, but I do know that children think and speak with a n ignorance of convention that is often helpful. Ask a child how they might tackle a problem, or if you don’t have a child around think about how you might reformulate a problem so that a child could understand it if one was available. Don’t run out and build a boat made out of cookies because a child told you to, though – the idea isn’t to do what the child says, necessarily, but to jog your own thinking into a more unconventional path.

  1. Invite randomness.

If you’ve ever seen video of Jackson Pollock painting, you have seen a masterful painter consciously inviting randomness into his work. Pollock exercises a great deal of control over his brushes and paddles, in the service of capturing the stray drips and splashes of paint that make up his work. Embracing mistakes and incorporating them into your projects, developing strategies that allow for random input, working amid chaotic juxtapositions of sound and form – all of these can help to move beyond everyday patterns of thinking into the sublime.

  1. Take a shower.

There’s some kind of weird psychic link between showering and creativity. Who knows why? Maybe it’s because your mind is on other things, maybe it’s because you’re naked, maybe it’s the warm water relaxing you – it’s a mystery. But a lot of people swear by it. So maybe when the status quo response to some circumstance just isn’t working, try taking a shower and see if something remarkable doesn’t occur to you!

If we implement The SEED model that it is used to prepare oneself on how to handle, manage and assess ourselves to be a good Technopreneur. Well then let us discuss every word. S stands for self-mastery, self-mastery is all about ourselves, how we can handle problems regarding business matters, and the best thing that describes self-mastery is it determines a person’s capabilities to know what would be the best business that suits his/her personalities, and what we love the most. The next to self-mastery is the environment mastery is about generating business ideas and seeking opportunities out from our environment. We can acquire this through: Serendipity walks, serendipity walks is the case in which there are some unexpected things happen as we walk or as we were cruising, strolling or sigh seeing that triggers our mind and suddenly we think of an idea. Environment mastered person is a strategist; he/she can strategized considering the factors like, crises, trends or simply business rivalries. An environment mastered person understands the industry he/she is in, also sees the opportunities, not the problems. Also an environment mastered person is what we called the innovator of the business. Next of Environment mastery is the Enterprise mastery, this topic is said to be discussed in our Technopreneurship 2 subject, the continuation of our Technopreneurship 1. Our facilitator said that we will tackle the remaining SEED model during the second semester. Enterprise mastery can be explained simply that Enterprise mastery is how to run a business. A person is considered Enterprise mastered person is that he/she understands and integrates the functions of management; Marketing, Human Resource, Operations and Finance.  This enterprise mastery involves financial operations, and organisations that helps to grow expand and create asset value. And last letter in the SEED model stands for development of business plan. Why does default mind set affects the next generations. For example the man or the father that do not have a job or a business to make his family more comfortable. As we all know there are some jobs that do not need educational backgrounds.  Why there are some people who act like they want to have a better job already? Having a better job is not easy as we think it takes a couple of years to have it. Yet, there are some who is so greedy wanting to have a job with higher salary or not contented of what they received from their specified job. It is not the government who is the main reason of poverty here in the Philippines but those people who act just like a pensioner. We know that being poor is the reason that there are some children that cannot enter school but if a student who wants to change their state of living he or she should not be contended on what he or she have. There some schools who gave scholarship to those people that can pass their exams and also the politicians who give scholarship to those students that is in his or her district or their plans. There are some people those past years who were so poor and now at this present day are millionaires and growing because they always said that “Being poor is not a hindrance to success” that was always I hear to those people that change their lives today. Being poor does not make your life stop but it means that you need to be more competitive and have more ideas to change your life and help your family. Being also the son and daughter of your father we need also to help by encouraging your father if he is upset and have less. Also if you can work with simple task do to help your father and not just playing around because you are a student but because you live with a poor state.

The status of our education system is like this. Many teachers are not so professional that they give students a high grade though the students are not acting according to what grade their teachers gave them. So we can see that the first mindset is the most used mindset used by our generation today. They study because they are obliged to. Many students go to college just because of the diploma. They want to get it because they want a job. They are obliged to do it. But even if the first mindset is the mindset most used today, there are still some of us that use the second mindset. They go to school to put up a business. Others sacrifice their studies to put up a business just like Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs shows that even others who do not graduate college or even high school can still excel in life if they just work hard and never surrender. Maybe the one who did not get a bachelor’s degree can change the whole world. We all know Steve Jobs was a successful man. He did it because he was so persevere about it, about making his dreams alive and achieving his goals. They have created a new way for us to use gadgets by creating the user-friendliest gadget. They care about the UX or user experience that is why they must have built or created this kind of gadgets such as, MacBook, IPad, IPhones and the likes though it costs a great sum of money still it gains or sells more than any of the other computer companies. He was good in terms of business. So our facilitator wanted us to use the second mindset. Not for our own good but for the good of everyone. If we use that mindset we are making a good choice. We study to help not only ourselves but also the world. If we graduate, we can put up a business. If we work hard for it, maybe someday we can be as successful as Steve Jobs. We are not the only one who can benefit but also the employees or other Filipinos that you are going to hire.

Hence, our generation is expanding and chances are much shorter . So we should innovate more and more. Develop something useful, Expand your learning don’t just limit on what you have, think outside the box. Don’t bother doing what’s in your mind, maybe one day the next Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates or Mark Zackerburg may be from here in Davao City. Maybe you.



Reflection (Pirates of the Silicon Valley)

“Good artists copy, Great artists steal” a quote said by Steve Jobs, defining of the rise and fall of his career as a technopreneur.

Steve Jobs’ Success

“A man who sees the future.” What John Sculley, the president Apple, describes Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs is dedicated to work, to make history. He wants the world to be unfold as he sees the meaning of the universe. Steve Jobs is really a great product of technoprenuership, you know, he started as revolutionary students, with this act he already knew the path he gonna be into, he with his friend and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak. With enough knowledge in engineering, they make some kind of jokes, making stuff more interesting out of default, making a new world I presume. “Information is power” a phrase from Steve Jobs that struck me, I mean it’s a way things much better than it was. He loves to explore, learning and gathering information on things should be and what more be capable of. This information leads Steve Jobs towards success. With all his learnings and abilities as a technopreneur, it brings him and Steve Wozniak to innovate something, something more functional and would loved by people.  -Information.

So they started building computers, With Steve Wozniak the engineer of the computer and Steve Jobs the amazing pitcher who encourage people to buy and love their product. A jump start of Steve Jobs’ success. He’s a smart talker. With his good speaking skills makes a good point of Steve’s career. His ability to persuade others to listen on what he talks. His convincing skills that anyone could agree, he make this as a advantage to please ordinary to big people to support and purchase their product. His urge to market their computer a make lot of money out of it. Selling and broadening their products is so hard to deal with, I mean people don’t really know yet about their computers. Just Steve Jobs shows his great interest on what his doing is a start of his career. Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computer Company, to sell their first product: the Apple I, hand-built by Wozniak. The popularity of the computer was such, that it propelled Apple into success and made millionaires of Jobs and Wozniak. Apple continued its groundbreaking pace, designing one of the first graphical user interfaces in the Apple Lisa, and following it with one of the most successful personal computers ever, the Macintosh.  -Will.

Steve Jobs as a business minded person, he seeks and grabs opportunity, once he sees a great chance of his product to be recognized then he will take it as a great opportunity. He makes every deal a success, he transact any people to buy their product, he choose to go further than to go another way around. He sees the world is about to change, his business is about new revolution. He wants to unfold the world, he wants to build a Steve Jobs like he wants to. He wants to do things whatever it takes. He see himself as an instrument of change. He do whatever it takes to be on top and pull down IBM. Like Wozniak said, “He is born obsessed with wiping out IBM” He’s really is, I mean you can’t go to the top if there’s the one in the throne. He’s a venture man, he takes risks to achieve better success. He mark a stake and come up with much bigger income, business minded though.  -Dedication.

As Apple is getting bigger and bigger, Steve Jobs is more smarter to compete. He need to be consistent in the business field. So Apple build an upgrade of the Apple I, and start to market it. He’s a innovative person, thinking his ideas come into reality, and he did. With the mouse and graphical user interface, that the idea is originally from the engineers at the Xerox. With his creative mind, Steve Jobs outplayed other businesses like Xerox and IBM. He is smart enough to outthink others, new idea new innovation and definitely more money. A mindset with a broad cognition, a critical thinker, a master of intelligence. Big words can explain how Steve Jobs proves his prophecy, his own destiny. He is persistent, Steve Jobs really is. He dedicated on his own will.  -Persevere.

Lastly, Steve Jobs is a leader, a great leader. An outstanding leader that, whatever you say, people are stunned to see and hear every word you speak. Steve Jobs, a real leader who want a talent, an artist, a loyal team. That values of Steve molds the Macintosh team, they strive hard and think more innovative, they work as a family with a teamwork and cooperation. Steve Jobs manage his worker so well.  -Leadership.

For me, Steve Jobs should be the wealthiest man in the world, if he is more careful with Bill Gates who outsmarted him. And eventually become his ultimate failure.

Steve Jobs’ Failure

“Good artists copy, Great artists steal” Both Jobs and Gates used this quote in the movie. Their perspective of being a great success comes from great strategies. That’s what Bill Gates prove to Steve Jobs, that they’re in the same way luckily Jobs put his foot on first. Bill Gates wants all what Steve Jobs’ Lisa computer, from the operating system, graphic user interface, the technicality even the mouse. A big “Why?” of Bill Gates, why Apple can do this while Microsoft don’t.

So the pirating began, when Microsoft sneak in to Apple Company. A first mistake of Steve Jobs, Gates outsmarted him with flowering words and blooming pitches that eventually Microsoft become a cooperating team of Apple. By then, Bill Gates steal all the information of Lisa’s prototype an make things as his own. With more lies and promises from Gates, Jobs unsighted what’s the real intention of Bill Gates, he is just blinded on what he call a FAMILY. “Success is a menace. It fools smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” A phrase which Bill Gates states that Apple and IBM are fools, and he proves it. He overthrown them and now being the wealthiest man in the world.  -Loyalty.

Another mistake that cause his failure is his bad attitude, being a so confident. Just like he has a superior power to rules, sort he has but this attitude truly brings him so down. The sense of success, the taste of being on top. The Steve Jobs that everybody loves is totally different backend. He is so impatient, he want total perfection, he wants a masterpiece of art, and all what he wants should be completed. A bad figure to all the people he worked with. It came the time that his workers are maddened and so furious of him because of his impatience, a guy who’s up for 50 hours straight. Like who the hell can survive that. Asking for brilliance? Asking for genius? Up for 50 hours straight is so exhausting. He pushes limits and breaks boundaries to be more effective company, although this act is helpful but in another way round it pushes madness and breaks friendship. He want to get what he wants no matter how hard it is, sort of good but most likely it tears down to pieces and ended up being fired by John Sculley.  -Impatient.

Steve Jobs is also arrogant. He feels like he’s holding one’s self. Even if his the boss, he should understand the risks and takes of his workers. They also have to see these people work for their own obligation. He overuse his power as the leader to control his workers and manipulate every act they do. He feels like all thing are in favor with him. The sense of holding a great power, like you’re a God and preach people and to think they’re always in favor with you. Without knowing that you stepped a person who helped to push you up. He feels like he already rule the world. Being successful, being known to the world, Steve Jobs’ head is getting bigger and bigger as his company. Arrogance, Steve Jobs’ overbearing pride.

People like Steve Jobs should learn to look back and appreciate things may be small or big, as long as it contributed for success. Learning to look back all the people who helped you to start, the people who’s with you struggling and dedicated on your project. The people who helped you to achieve, who risks their wealth, hardwork and time for you. The people who helped you to develop, who taking so much time to do the project, to make the company, to shape the world. The people who trust, the people who are still there, who are loyal, who are working for perfection, who are trustworthy.

Failures doesn’t always mean you’re down, it is an awakening to everyone that no matter hard you push there’s always a boundaries that breaks the pedal. Things are learned with experience, practices and failures. Learn from environment, develop new things. Explore.

 How do I see myself as technopreneur?

Actually, being an technopreneur is a not in the list achievement, but because it also a part of being an IT and opportunity is better in technoprenuership field. Firstly, I see myself developing or programming something that can love, At Steve Jobs case he loves to make money out of his computer. Well in my case, I want to make money out of my programs, without considering the marketing of it or how to persuade people to buy my product.

So I started to think technopreneur, an ability to execute my designs and market it. I think rich, I think money out of something. Something I risk but give me back sales and interest. Having a knowledge of technopreneur is a blessing, It can help and lead me to a better future. But surely there are many things to consider to become a successful and effective technopreneur.

The Best Personalities to Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Personalities are unique as the people who own them. They range from demanding to meek, cunning to creative, and some people embody multiple personalities. At some points they might be demanding and other points they simply sit back and let others take control. When it comes to being an entrepreneur or a business owner personality can make a major impact on the business. So, is there a perfect personality type for an entrepreneur to have in order to become great?

A focused personality

I believe an entrepreneur should have a confident, ambitious and driven personality. They need to be focused, not just on the task at hand but also the bigger picture. Entrepreneurs also need to stay positive to be able to deal with both the highs and lows of creating projects and running a business. Above all, entrepreneurs need to stay tough and not let the hard knocks, pitfalls or comments from others get them down. They should be resilient and flexible and be prepared for change. Decisions should be made using smart business acumen and not emotions. Entrepreneurs should also try and remain a little humble despite the success they may achieve along the way.

A strong and independent personality

I have owned a home-based PR/marketing company for 10.5 years now. I think the right kind of personality for being an entrepreneur is one that is strong and independent. As a sole proprietor, the success or failure of the business is completely dependent on my efforts. In addition to working on behalf of the clients on board and tasks at hand, you have to constantly be aware of the need to grow the business and set aside time to network and look for the next client. It’s a wonderful experience to be your own boss and enjoy the fruits of your labor, but the spirit to persevere is of absolute necessity! A friend recently gave me a good quote to live by as an entrepreneur: “Fail often.”

A determined, ornery chameleon personality

The best type of personality for an entrepreneur or business owner to have is what I call “a determined, ornery chameleon.” You need to be ornery enough that you can’t stand working for others and taking orders from people when you know you could do it better yourself. You need to be chameleon enough to hide your ornery side from your customers – those you need to treat like gold, even the few you can’t stand. You need to be determined and persistent enough to not quit when it gets tough, and to always be determined to find solutions when problems arise – as they inevitably will. This trifecta of personality traits will serve you well.

Being a self-starter

I would say an entrepreneur needs to be one that is a self-starter, very long term focused, and not moved easily by every wind or whim. You need to be able to not take “no” for an answer, and you need to be able to believe in what you are doing, that it will work, and that it is right. You need to be okay with losing many customers and deals on the way to getting your first few. You need a thick skin, and you need to be a good planner, a realist that is not dissuaded by several years of just scraping by in the process of growing your business enough to make a living at it.

One personality doesn’t cut it

I don’t think that any one personality is “right.” Sure you have to be a little bit crazy to plunge head first in to the risky pool, but it’s more about knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and building a team that compliments you. All too often entrepreneurs bring on people that are too similar to them and they wind up with problems of group think and affirmation bias. It’s better to bring on people that are different than you, who have different skills. And try to make sure you have advisors or team members that fit your customer profile! Last, having a team that is varied in point of view and skills can lead to conflict, so you have to learn how to make conflict a constructive part of your team dynamic. We used the Thomas Kilman Conflict module. It’s all about revealing your personal conflict style and learning how to work with people who have different conflict styles.

Dynamic, passionate and adaptable

I believe the three personality traits of successful entrepreneurs are: dynamic, passionate, and adaptable. Dynamism has a double meaning: 1) the ability to shine dynamically with others, and 2) the ability to bring a dynamic skill set to the table so that you are multidimensional in your approach and what you are able to achieve. As for passion, entrepreneurs should love what they do and let it show. The public face of an entrepreneur needs to be encouraging and passionate to challenge the status quo. Others respect purpose, passion, and genuine caring. Lastly, many experts will say that entrepreneurs should be firm in their vision. While I agree that entrepreneurs should have a clear overarching vision, I believe it is vital to be adaptable to shift strategies and plans based on real-time learning.

Being a visionary

Entrepreneurs are visionaries. We are imaginative, innovative, independent thinkers who love a challenge and love to challenge the existing standards. However, truly successful entrepreneurs must have a keen sense of business practicalities in order to turn their vision into reality. We are driven by mission, not money, but we also know how to create opportunity and make it happen. Entrepreneurs are not just dreamers but dreamer-doers.

A mix of extrovert and introvert

Many people believe that extroverts make better entrepreneurs than introverts – it’s not necessarily true. To align our definitions: extroverts gain energy by sharing ideas in a group and lose energy working alone. Conversely, introverts like to evaluate situations and consider alternatives thoroughly; losing energy when forced into exchanges where instant choices must be made. In my experience, both types can be effective as entrepreneurs – as long as they surround themselves with people of the opposite style. The high-risk entrepreneurs are those who surround themselves with people like themselves (e.g., a sales-oriented entrepreneur who hires other sales personalities, or a technical genius who hires other technical gurus). Effective entrepreneurs must be understand their strengths and their people’s strengths. Since each strength has a corresponding shadow side, they must consciously build a team that has complementary strengths is be successful in the long term.

Having a resilient personality

Resilience: Entrepreneurs who thrive accept the potential for failure and embrace failure when it happens. The root of their strength is that they don’t necessarily see themselves or their partners as failures as much as they do the idea or execution. Their focus is on learning and adjusting as opposed to wallowing in self-pity or seeking out scape goats. They always find a way to get back on track quickly, which means they have little time for playing the blame game.

Open and down to earth

Every business is different and it takes a lot of different personalities to cover everything, but for me being approachable is so important! I think Shear Enterprises, LLC has seen such incredible growth over the last few years because we are open, down to earth people. Our employees and customers alike know they can come to us and we will listen. Putting people at ease with genuine knowledge of our product and the people who represent it creates a trust level. I love what I do and I love to connect people and meet new people- you never know what magic may come of those relationships if you ignore the opportunities out there! Being in front of the camera in Hollywood for years and touring as a stand-up comic, I met a LOT of different kinds of people… Those experiences have been a great foundation for me to build a business and the relationships that make it grow. Serious business doesn’t have to look so serious!

Having the right personality at the right time

To run a business, you have to be a strange set of corresponding extremes. You have to be incredibly enthusiastic in your ideas and when the time is right you have to hit that switch and walk away uninterested. You have to be cautious to protect your interests but you also have to be out there and doing something new with the potential to loose your hat. You have to be organised and methodical but somehow have space to allow yourself to breath and cultivate ideas. You have to sell to every friend or family member you have but avoid talking business so you don’t get asked for discounts. You will find yourself on vacation, working harder then you did at your desk last week, to make up for the poor wifi. And for every second that you hate it. You have to love it just that bit more because its yours to hate. If you can’t be stern in your actions, find something new. Its black and white, no middle grey. Be both extremes at the right time or fail.

An analytic personality

The best CEO’s I’ve always modeled myself after are very analytic. They base decisions off of true data and less off gut instinct. This does two things. One, it gives business decisions a basis for comparison and two, it gives the employees something to understand. The reason I like the analytically approach is because it takes the emotion out of the equation. Emotion clouds judgment. That’s not to say I can’t be excited about new ideas or upset when problems arise. It’s just once those emotions pass, the data is how I go about taking the next steps.

Being an eternal optimist

The most successful entrepreneurs I know are eternal optimists. As an entrepreneur myself, I have to watch my optimism as it can get me into trouble. I have certain “realists” that I trust to keep me grounded. If I can convince these cynical friends of mine that an idea will work, I am almost guaranteed a winner. Another personality trait that stems from eternal optimism is the ability always move forward. When things aren’t going the way I want to, I picture myself just continuously putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. If you stop to wallow in your mistakes or savor your victories too long, you get stuck. Entrepreneurs are always moving on to the next big thing. So I guess another personality trait of the successful entrepreneur might be a touch of attention deficit disorder.

There’s a lot I have to learn with the help of hardwork that pushes your bounds and break walls. To discover new thing to develop with persevere and persistency. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be a successful person without stepping other people, instead bring them with me to success.

Taking career path

Deciding on which path to choose or to take is crucial. Making decision for your own, it may be falls to best or comes to worst, it’s the deal of the risk. But whatever it takes, it is you who will face opportunities or failure in the end. Decision is just a part of human cycle, building it is a process of life’s venture. But in the end, the decisions we make comes to a final conclusion which we face the reality beyond our expectation.

Steve Jobs is an inspiring person, a motivator to all aspiring people who are dedicated to their dream. A revolutionary who pushes boundaries and breaks limits. “A man who sees the future.” What John Sculley describes Steve Jobs. He is dedicated to work, to make history. He wants the world to be unfold as he sees the meaning of the universe. Steve Jobs is really a great product of technoprenuership. Steve Jobs inspire me to move and motivated to become a technopreneur. Steve Jobs as a business minded person, he seeks and grabs opportunity, once he sees a great chance of his product to be recognized then he will take it as a great opportunity. He makes every deal a success, he transact any people to buy their product, he choose to go further than to go another way around. He sees the world is about to change, his business is about new revolution. He wants to unfold the world, he wants to build a Steve Jobs like he wants to. He wants to do things whatever it takes. He see himself as an instrument of change. He do whatever it takes to be on top and pull down IBM. Like Wozniak said, “He is born obsessed with wiping out IBM” He’s really is, I mean you can’t go to the top if there’s the one in the throne. How is a product introduction prepared? “People working on launch events will be given watermarked paper copies of a booklet called Rules of the Road that details every milestone leading up to launch day”, and for each of these milestones, the name of the employee responsible for its success (the DRI, see Steve at Work). This included the aforementioned steps of perfecting software, highlighting key features for demos, creating content, etc. Former Apple developer Matt Drance recalled the experience: “I worked at one point for 72 sleepless hours for something that Steve Jobs showed on stage for 9 seconds. It’s top three, if not no. 1, of my professional achievements. It didn’t look any different on that screen as it did on mine, but it was the knowledge that it was good enough to be on the stage that made it suddenly look different. I’ll never get that chance again, and I’m glad I had it.”

Then came the time of the rehearsals. If you were an Apple employee, you had to script and rehearse your part several times, first with your team, then in front of your successive bosses, leading up to Jobs. The same applied even for guest speakers: “one partner executive recounted spending a week and a half in Cupertino leading up to an Apple product launch. He presented to an increasingly senior list of Apple executives, culminating with Jobs.” Another recalled: “They told us — didn’t ask us, told us — what time the rehearsal was, what [we] should wear, and what [we] should say. There was no discussion about it”. He’s a venture man, he takes risks to achieve better success. He mark a stake and come up with much bigger income, business minded though. Having this inspiration motivate me to take same career path as Jobs’.

He contributed so much in business, engineer and IT industry. Even in other fields, Steve Jobs create a new consciousness to the society. New thing that the world will soon be used by people. He continue to explore and create new things. Back then,  as Apple is getting bigger and bigger, Steve Jobs is more smarter to compete. He need to be consistent in the business field. So Apple build an upgrade of the Apple I, and start to market it. He’s a innovative person, thinking his ideas come into reality, and he did. With the mouse and graphical user interface, that the idea is originally from the engineers at the Xerox. With his creative mind, Steve Jobs outplayed other businesses like Xerox and IBM. He is smart enough to outthink others, new idea new innovation and definitely more money. A mindset with a broad cognition, a critical thinker, a master of intelligence. Big words can explain how Steve Jobs proves his prophecy, his own destiny. He is persistent, Steve Jobs really is. He dedicated on his own will. Apple Computer was growing at an incredibly fast rate. The numbers were mind-blowing: from 2,500 Apple IIs sold in 1977, 8,000 were sold in 1978, and up to 35,000 in 1979. Remember there was no market for personal computers before! The company earned $47 million in revenues in fiscal year 1979, making Steve Jobs a millionaire on paper (he owned $7 million worth of private stock). The company’s board of directors, including its new members such as Arthur Rock and Don Valentine, began to discuss taking Apple public.

Meanwhile, the engineers in Cupertino started working on Apple’s future. Several projects came into being in those early years. First, in late 1978, there was the Apple III, which was supposed to build on Apple II’s legacy. Woz did not partake in the project and was critical of it early on. There was also an obscure project called Macintosh, headed by computer scientist Jef Raskin. He started to assemble a small team to work on a computer “as easy to use as a toaster”, that he named after his favorite apple.

Steve Jobs was not involved in any of those projects. He had another one in mind, called Lisa. And he hadn’t picked that name without a reason… Indeed, in 1978, while he was dating an employee of McKenna’s PR agency, Steve’s ex-girlfriend from high school Chris-Ann Brennan reappeared claiming she was bearing his baby. Steve denied the fatherhood, although everybody in his entourage knew he was the father. The baby girl was named Lisa… there was a lot of perplexity around Steve’s behavior, especially since he had suffered greatly from having been abandoned himself. He was going to do the same to his own daughter! Yet, at the very same time, he used the girl’s name for a project code name.

Project Lisa took a dramatic turn in late 1979, after Steve’s visit to Xerox PARC.

Nowadays, his artwork is still a mark of his success. I’m inspired with his strategist skills, blowing mind of every people he encounter. This is also a motivation to take same career path as Jobs’.

Steve Jobs left the world with his legacy, his unique work and his powerful outcome of his business. His works, innovations and ideas has marked this century. He always thinks for the better of their products, anything within their product should always be approved, a very meticulous man indeed. I admired Jobs, he might have that negative character in him but his potential and how great his works are, works which he considered as art. Steve Jobs is a leader, a great leader. An outstanding leader that, whatever you say, people are stunned to see and hear every word you speak. Steve Jobs, a real leader who want a talent, an artist, a loyal team. That values of Steve molds the Macintosh team, they strive hard and think more innovative, they work as a family with a teamwork and cooperation. Steve Jobs manage his worker so well. The resurgence of Steve’s cancer was a painful reminder that it was time to ‘put his affairs in order’ before his passing — and he did.

He made sure that Apple was ready to operate without him: in late 2008, he hired the dean of the Yale School of Management to create ‘Apple University’, a sort of internal business track to groom future Apple executives by exposing them to the Apple ways of doing business, through actual case studies in the history of the company. He also consolidated his executive team and agreed with the board that his natural successor would be his second in command, COO Tim Cook. Finally, at his last public appearance in June 2011, he unveiled his plans for the future Apple campus in Cupertino, a huge spaceship-sized building in the shape of a perfect circle. All of this was in place when, because of his increasingly deteriorating health, he resigned as Apple CEO on August 24, 2011.

Jobs also prepared his personal legacy. In 2009, he finally started giving interviews to journalist Walter Isaacson to prepare for his first and only authorized biography, giving him his perspective on his life and career. He also spent his last days designing a boat for his family on which he hoped to travel the world. Unfortunately, death took him too soon, and he died peacefully at home on October 5, 2011, surrounded by his family — the day following the introduction of the iPhone 4S, an Apple event that he watched from his deathbed.

Steve Jobs is really a brilliant, a genius who can probably conquer the world with his dedication and willingness to success. This thoughts motivate me to take same career path as Jobs’.

With the success of Steve Jobs, I can say that heading the path he started is the way I might choose as a technopreneur or an IT expert. Who knows, A new Steve Jobs will rise here in Davao City.



Dado Banatao(Reflection)

Dado is one of the only two students, after their elementary graduation from Malabbac, Iguig, Cagayan, Philippines, who was able to study in high school. He pursued a degree in electrical engineering at Mapua Institute of Technologies (where he graduated cum laude) after graduating from high school at Ateneo de Tuguegarao.

Dado worked as a trainee pilot at the Philippine Airlines after graduating from college and later as a design engineer at Boeing—he became one of the designers of Boeing 747. He took the opportunity to take up Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University while staying in the US.

Dado worked at various semiconductor companies like National Semiconductor and Intersil after finishing his master’s degree. He is credited for his innovation in the semiconductor industry and is also known as the “Father of the Semi-conductor.” He is the current chairman of the Philippine Development Foundation.

This is to introduce Engr. Diosdado Banatao, who pushes the boundaries of being a Filipino Engineer. He’s a perfect model for many Filipinos to exceed the potential and innovate more for the country’s pride. Develop things from your own resources. Create something from nothing. Respecting status and encourage people to learn and attain knowledge.

“Growing up, we didn’t celebrate birthdays. The way we’d celebrate is we would go to church that day. It was so basic.”

– Diosdado P. Banatao

An inspiration quote Mr. Banatao shared. Growing is just not celebrating birthdays and have a party. Growing is to celebrate God, going to church with your loved ones, the family. Growing up is just a learning to accept and receive God as our mentor, our guide and our father. These value now a day going to church is obsolete, young people are busy with their iphones, ipods, laptops and computer games without even minding to pray or go to church.

The story start from a young kid, a son of a farmer, from a typical barrio here in Philippines, living without technology, no electricity. He just learn math with a bamboo stick, no calculator. He learn things on his own, he develop his self with natural resources. He grew as a mature kid. When he and his classmates finished the 6th grade, they stop studying, they were required by their parents to help them on their farm, but Dado’s case is different, his father allows him to continue studying rather than to help him in farm. His father wants a better life for him, “His job was to put food on the table, my job was to study.” A touching words from his father, that whatever happen, he’s a father, it’s his responsibility and he needs to study for his better future.

He continue his highschool far from them, feeling inferior from his classmates. They live in a city, while he came from a farm. While his friends’ playing basketball, he’s studying. He’s a loner person, detached from trends and games. He just study and study.

When he turn to college, he study engineering. An eagerness to build things, to build any figure. After he graduate, he seek for job here in the Philippines but there’s no luck. So explore, he go to America.

Dado Banatao was born on May 23, 1946 to a rice farmer and housekeeper where he grew up in a little barrio named Malabhac in the farming town of Iguig in Cagayan Valley Province. When he was a kid, Banatao used to walk barefoot to school along the dirt roads. He then went to Ateneo de Tuguegarao and at 15 pursued college education at Mapua Institute of Technology where he graduated cum laude with an Electrical Engineering degree.

Dado was then offered a job after graduation at Meralco but then he turned down the offer after knowing the starting salary. He instead applied as a pilot trainee at Philippine Airlines, which paid much more. Little did he know that a turning point of his career will come when Boeing pirated him as a design engineer and brought him to US.He then enjoyed engineering and later on pursued further studies taking a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University, which he completed in 1972 to be trained properly on his craft.

In 1984, Banatao and his business partner Francis Siu, founded a high-technology company, Mostron, starting with a capital of half a million US dollars. Mostron was launched as a manufacturer of motherboards. They also have hired Ron Yara of Intel as the companies executive. After he developed a five-chip set, he co-founded Chips and Technologies in 1985. The company developed system logic chip set for IBM’s PC-XT and the PC-AT. In just for 4 months after the company was selling chip sets, the company earned a $12 million profit. In 22 months, the company went into public. In 1989, Banatao launched his third start-up company, S3 Graphics, with Yara in Santa Clara, California. S3 focused on enhancing the graphic capabilities in personal computers by using a graphic accelerator chip. The key to this was, Banatao’s invention of a local bus. The company had an initial public offering of $30 million. In 1996, the company became the leader of the graphic-chips market, beating a strong competitor, Cirrus Logic, Inc.. In the same year, Chips & Technologies was sold to Intel for about $300 million. In 2000, he decided to start-up his own venture capital firm named Tallwood Venture Capitalwith a capital of US$300 million, all of which came from his own pocket. In 2010, Banatao became Ikanos Communications’ CEO after Michael Gulett resigned as the company’s CEO and President.

While at America, living there was so intimidating. Everyone seems smarter that him, so he studies twice as hard as he can. He saw an opportunity, he designed his own better computer. And started a company. But the company failed. Learning from these experience is to boost more as you could. Grow your self, don’t let yourself down, yet start again for better. Succession is not easy come easy go, if you see success, grab it and don’t let it go.

True learning comes from experience, you should stumble down before you can stand out for better. Learning is everywhere, just make things different out of it’s default state.

Truly Dado Banatao has come along way being a veteran entrepreneur and venture capitalist of Silicon Valley. May his successful life story continue to inspire us to pursue our dreams, ambitions and aspirations despite adversities in life. Keep the fire burning. Dream… Believe… Act… Achieve.